Warnie awards and a logo competition

I am pleased to announce two more members of that exclusive club- the winners of Warnie awards. The first was a favorite of mine a while back and should really have recieved an award by now. The Happy Husband is a fantastic blog. Blogging about marriage in todays society is crucial, and much needed. We need more of these niche blogs- what about worship blogs, working as a christian blogs, fatherhood, or perhaps being a wife (actually girltalk does that fantastically well- the women of the Mahaney household run it and its a great read- pop over drop them an email, tell them I sent you!).

Anyway back to the award ceremony….. The second one is in fact another great blog but one I have only just discovered thanks to Matthews post. I am not sure why I forgot to link to it and describe what I like about it, but in an ocean of blogs on christian pollitics finding one that is as immersed in the gospel as most of you yanks are in the Republicans is like an oasis in a desert. Go, read this Miscellanies on the Gospel blog now!

Some people may have sussed out the inevitable, that recipients of these awards are quite simply blogs that I like and think deserve prominence. So if you are a blog that is not so well known, and that blogs about things that interest me you have the chance of being mentioned here and joining the group! A warnie is not awarded by committee, so any complaints about my choices or non-choices should be directed to me and me alone!

I was hoping to get my Rick Warren confernece reflections posted before my blogholiday but it isnt going to happen, so while I am away the guest bloggers will play and if they get up to mischief then why not pop along to any of these warnie winners blogs.

O, and whilst I am away, I would love any budding artists out there to submit ideas for a new logo/button for the Warnie Awards and also for the Blogdom of God which people can display on their blogs. The winner gets a link here and muchos gratiude!! Simply submit your ideas to gmail together with a note that you are happy for it to be used royalty free.

21st Century Reformation
42: Dave Warnock
Ales Rarus
Eternal Perspectives
John Mark Reynolds
Miscellanies on the Gospel
Rebecca Writes
Scotwise (updated)
Tim Challies (updated)
Transforming Sermons (updated)
Unveiled Face

They can all be read on the same page at the Warnie awards aggregator

Eternal Perspectives has posted his �Warnie� acceptance speech
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