More T4G Nuggets of Truth

Grace Full Words has a great post entitled “T4G Nuggets of Truth ” with yet more quotes from the conference. These are the ones that stood out to me but there are more over on his blog!

Mark Dever
“The Apostles were ministers not masters.”
“We are not to write the mail, we are only to deliver it.”
“Do not be concerned with being original, but you must be reliable.”
“We are fallen enough to even have a clear concious and still be wrong.”
“The only way to follow Jesus is to die daily to self interest.”
“All the spiritual attributes are brought to us through humility.”
“Gentleness and severity are both parts of the Christian ministry.”

Al Mohler
“Our concern for the culture is because of the sinners in the culture.”
“I’m not called to change the culture but to be used by the Holy Spirit with the fullness of the Scripture to change sinners.”
“We have the only message in the whole world that applies to every culture.”
“Expository preaching causes one to ask: “How do we have to realign our thinking because of the word of God? How do we have to change the way that we live because of what I’ve heard from God today?”
“The Gospel is NOT therapy”
“The Gospel is NOT self-help.”

SEVEN SELFS of our Culture:
1. self fulfillment: “its all about me” – most Americans believe that their problem is because something has happened to them.
2. self sufficiency: “we are our own authority”
3. self defintion: “we define ourselves” “we define our marriage” “we define our own truth”
4. self absorbtion: expressed through divorces: “I needed to divorce so that I could become the person I needed to be. Divorce was a good experience for me.”
5. self trancendence: we are enamored by spirituality. The gospel is just another spirituality.
6. self enhancement
7. self security: “we live in a world where we are told not to worry. We think we are safe.”

Ligon Duncan
“Preach The Gospel from the Old Testament” – 2 Timothy 3:14-17
“Preach the O.T. as a Christian book.
“Preach the O.T. expositionally.
“Preach Christ from the O.T.”
“Preach the ‘One Plan’ of redemption from the O.T.
“Preach grace from the O.T.” – “Gospel logic = grace before law.” Exodus 20:2
“Preach the Character of God from the O.T.” because the O.T. is our primary source for many of our doctrines, including the character of God.”
“Preach experientially from the O.T.” Psalms, Job, Jeremiah.
“Preach the Christian life from the O.T.” Moral exhortations from the O.T.

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