Mark Driscoll on the Atonement Controversy

Driscoll is no neoliberal and his last blog post is very clear about the atonement:

“In the fall of 2005, I preached a lengthy series on the accomplishments of Jesus crucifixion and came to realize that the cross was as foolish and offensive as ever. We had to call 911 for a woman who passed out during the sermon on blood. We had more than one angry person try and get on the stage to fight me during the propitiation sermon, which resulted in beefing up our security on Sundays and having a police officer on site. And, as usual, the blogosphere had a field day. Anyone interested can listen to the sermons at for free . . .

Nearly 2,000 years ago a poor, homeless, single man in his early thirties was executed by crucifixion like many other common criminals. He never wrote a book, never traveled more than 200 miles from his home, never held a political office, never married or had children, and never ran a company. His name is Jesus Christ and history is divided into the periods before and after his life. Time magazine named him “Man of the Millennium,” and more songs have been sung to, books written about, and artwork painted of him than anyone who has ever lived. Moreover, a few billion people alive today worship Him as their only God and deeply love Him unlike anyone who has ever lived.


Because Jesus has done what no one else could do: take away their sin by dying on a cross as a substitute in their place. It is the cross of Jesus that is the symbol of the Christian faith and the crux of human history . . .Simply, like I tell my little kids, Jesus died on the cross in your place for your sins to save you from sin, Satan, death, and hell.”

It doesn’t come much better than that!

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