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Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings . . .

David Wayne is very kind as he begins his post countering mine:

“… if you must be a charismatic, then be a charismatic like Adrian. Adrian, like his American friends from Sovereign Grace Ministries, is driven by fidelity to the Scriptures and places a high premium on doctrine, thus keeping himself from the wackiness of much of what goes on in some charismatic circles.”

To which there is only one reply – if you must be a cessationist be one like David Wayne!

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Mark Driscoll responds to the latest round of criticism that has been thrown at Mars Hill. The whole post is heartfelt and well written, but it’s the ending that caught my eye the most:

“I guess I’ve been taking hits for so long that I’m more accustomed to it. This is one glimpse into the tough and sometimes darker side of the job that I wish I could shield my people from. In some ways, I must confess that I do bring it on myself because at times I do cross lines and I have not learned the art of subtlety.

We’re not a perfect people and this is not a perfect church led by perfect men. But we worship the perfect Jesus and He promises to make everything perfect in its time. These seasons are the means by which He sanctifies us to be more like Him if we lean into them with gladness and trust that God is loving and works out all things for our good and His glory.

In conclusion, if anyone wants to pray for us in this crazy season, please do. I would especially appreciate the prayers of our critics because some of their criticisms may in fact be accurate and we are straining to keep up with the wildfire that God has set ablaze in our midst. After ten years we have certainly not figured it all out. But we are sure having a lot of fun together with Jesus and every day is quite an adventure.”

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“Face to Face” – The Canon or Christ?

Mathew Sims demonstrates the absurdity of thinking 1 Corinthians 13 refers to the completion of the canon.

Challies Turns His Humor Gun on C.J. Mahaney

After the recent successful hit on Mark Driscoll, Tim has another of my heroes in his sights. Does this joke post hit the mark or is TIM the weakest link? You be the judge!

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Does Historical-Grammatical Exegesis Conflict with “The Analogy of Scripture?”

David Wayne continues to address issues raised by N. T. Wright.

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Thinking About Wisdom

Blogotional has also been thinking about wisdom, and has some great things to say about discernment.

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Is Phil Frightened of Us Charismatics?

I know some Warnie sidekicks foolishly and wrongly blame me for driving Phil Johnson away from solo-blogging a year ago. But one year on from the debate that wasn’t, Phil is STILL licking his wounds and claiming he doesn’t want to debate us!

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What is the Difference Between Chivalry and Flirting?

The Rebelution has a great series on chivalry. If you don’t know what that is, you simply have to go read this!

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