DG06 – Session 4 – Mark Driscoll

Over on the appropriately named God and Culture blog, they can wear the award proudly as first out of the block with reflections from session 4 of Desiring God’s National Conference:

“The most controversial aspect of the conference is the fact that John Piper invited the cussing pastor, Mark Driscoll, from Mars Hill Church in Seattle to be a keynote speaker. Mark spoke today on the nine areas of theology we must hold and contend for in our left hand as we hold open our right hand to be relevant to the culture. Mark will be a guest on The Paul Edwards Program this coming Monday (October 2) at 5:00 pm ET. Stream the audio of the program LIVE at:


If you are anything like me, that just leaves you hungry for more! Where is Tim Challies when you really need him?! So, I have made my first attempt to embed a YouTube video in the blog with the DGM promo video. This is well worth a watch, and is a good introduction to him. Incidentally, I have never actually heard Driscoll cuss in a sermon. I have listened to quite a few of his sermons, as well as posting an interview with Mark Driscoll here on the site, and have posted quotes and links to his articles loads of times.

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