DG06 – Quotes from a Panel Discussion

Exhibiting The Value of Knowing God: has some great quotes from one of the panel discussions.

Piper on studying for his new book:

“A devastating thing to submit yourself to the 500 imperatives of Jesus in the Gospels. He is always pressing deep. Eleven weeks of having my heart exposed. Then clamoring for the second impression of the offerings of mercy for the sinner. Desolation and hope. The personal effect was to intensify my desire to be in the face of a post-modern world with the power of Jesus Christ. There is so much mealy-mouthed hesitancy to preach righteousness.”

Driscoll on culture:

“The two problems are syncretism and sectarianism. Be with the people in this world, but with Him – tethered to Him through His Word. Relevant orthodoxy is our goal. As missionaries, how do we incarnate into these cultures? Jesus was in culture, never went too far. . .”

Piper on culture:

“I think I am weak and would fall if I plunged into culture.”

Justin Taylor:

“The two hottest theologies are reformed and emergent. Mark, why are these rockers listening to Keller and Piper?”

Mark Driscoll’s reply:

“Grudem’s systematic. Mahaney’s non-cessationism. Keller’s urban missional engagement. Piper’s passion and emphasis on supremacy of Christ. These things are drawing young men.”

John Piper:

“Why not ask for fifteen minutes to speak of Jesus in the mosque.”

John Piper on Andrew Fuller:

“John Owen saved his life.”

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