Please Pray For Mark Driscoll

Count It All Joy says Mark Driscoll, after a period of some weeks, which has left it difficult for him to sleep at times. This all goes to show the dangers of blogging where every single word can be poured over endlessly and misinterpreted. I have been watching him for some while (see, for example, my interview with Mark Driscoll). I hope Mark realises that there are many of us out here who are behind him 100 per cent in what he is trying to accomplish for God. It cannot be easy for him – it seems like he is feeling that God has put his advanced training on show for the world to see. But, boy is it a good show and one that reveals the incredible grace of God in humbling a man and making him yet more useful in God’s hands. Instead of protesting outside his church tomorrow, I wish that all believers would join me in praying for this man. Anyone who can respond to what he has been going through like this deserves our prayers not our hatred.

“I learned that my theological convictions, even the most controversial ones, are as unwavering as ever. But I also learned that as my platform has grown, so has my responsibility to speak about my convictions in a way that invites other people to experience charity from me, which means inflammatory language and such need to be scaled back. I was also sad and sorry to hear that various things I have said over the years have been received very personally by some people who felt personally attacked…I need to learn how to function most effectively in a new role as someone given a broader voice to speak for Jesus. There is much to learn. To be honest, this is all new to me and comes quicker than I would have hoped for; I wish I was at this place in my fifties or sixties, following a longer period of maturing. However, Jesus obviously has something different planned for me.

Whether or not a protest against me occurs on Sunday I am unsure. But I am sure that by God’s grace the words of James are true. Through the various experiences and people God has kindly brought into my life in recent weeks, I have been made aware of where God is inviting me to work with Him for maturity. In that, I am finding a new kind of joy that oddly enough is due in part to my critics, for whom I am grateful.”

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