Mark Driscoll in Christianity Today

Christianity Today has a profile of Mark Driscoll. This piece is a great introduction to the man and the controversy surrounding him. I have previously interviewed Driscoll and one of the Mars Hill deacons. Here are some sections of the interview that stood out for me:

“Driscoll can’t stand in front of a crowd for long without stirring things up. That’s what you get from a pastor who learned how to preach by watching comedian Chris Rock. Before long, he has the audience going . . .

The spectrum of response speaks to his sharp tongue—his greatest strength and his glaring weakness. But Driscoll also disturbs many fellow evangelicals because he straddles the borders that divide us. His unflinching Reformed theology grates on the church-growth crowd. His plan to grow a large church strikes postmoderns as arrogant. His roots in the emerging church worry Calvinists. No one group can claim him. Maybe that’s why they all turn their guns on him . . .

“If I could change one part of the Bible,” Driscoll told The Seattle Times about Paul’s writings on gender roles, “that would be the part, just so I could be left alone.”

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