Catching Up With Mark Driscoll

I have now published all the Mark Driscoll material from his recent visit to the UK. Don’t miss the video interviews, and the Dwell material, as well as the talks from Brighton. There is a lot to absorb there. There are also three talks for church elders that I was not present at.

Since his return to the US, however, this man has been nothing short of busy!

He has interviewed J. I. Packer on Young Christian Leaders, and Homosexuality. He also wrote a series of blog posts on Spurgeon:

He has also preached a cracking sermon series which you can see here, and for which you can download notes by following the links. About fifty minutes into the first one he starts talking about our Newfrontiers prayer meeting. As he put it, it was like a prayer meeting on Pro-Plus. He then tells Mars Hill that some things are about to change around there, and gets them to pray for each other. Nice one!

Pray Like Jesus

The Lord’s Prayer

The Gethsemane Prayer

He has now departed for Australia for a well-earned holiday, but not before posting a blog from the airport, mentioning that his Macbook Pro is now loaded up with Logos software. (Get your Logos software from me with a 25 per cent discount if you are jealous.)

Oh, and I almost forgot. The cutest thing he has probably ever done is wave his built in MacBook Pro web cam at his rather noisy kids (where do they get that from???). The funniest bit is when he gets his wife to join in the fun. That expression is worth a thousand words! I hope his family enjoys him—he’s all theirs now, at least until the Australian preaching tour starts!

The guy is like a dynamo, and on top of all that, Crossway now has nine books listed with Mark Driscoll as an author (although some are not out yet). The ones I’ve seen are uniformly helpful and engaging, and I commend them highly! One that is coming soon is Death By Love, and the website has just been released. Looks fantastic.

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