Buy Yourself A New Year’s Present

It’s the New Year, and maybe you have some Christmas money left. You could do a lot worse than treating yourself to something that will help you in your Bible study. Obviously, at the top of my list would be a Logos Bible Software package, which, as always, is available via that link on my website here offering a 25% discount. Logos now offers the same packages for Mac, and they will also very soon be available by following the above link with the same discount.

I am really enjoying using Logos on my Mac. Admittedly, it is slightly more basic than the PC version, but to be honest, most of the missing features I never used anyway. All you need to do is set up some extra collections, add them to your passage guide, and then you can study a passage easily by simply putting the reference in and hitting “go.” If you set your preferred Bible to ESV reverse interlinear (or open the interlinear direct from your library) you can right click a word and do a search of that resource for the lemma and you get a list of verses in English which have the same Greek or Hebrew word in the original. Adding the exegetical guide and the ability to search collections, an open book, or the whole library for a word or phrase makes a Bible geek’s joy complete!

Once you have a good selection of commentaries, one way for Logos to really come into its own is for you to buy the Theological Journal Library. Here you have access to a wealth of surprisingly readable articles. Heard of a long complicated book on a subject you’re interested in? If it was written by an academic, then chances are they wrote a short punchy paper on the subject first! Puzzled by an obscure verse that the commentary doesn’t really address? If you include theological journals in your passage guide (or do “search whole library for passage”) then you can find everything written in major journals on that verse. This will give you more geek pleasure than almost anything else you can get your hands on! Pop over to Galaxy now and buy volume 11 and volumes 1-10 right away. You can get over $15,000 worth of journals to carry around on your laptop for a fraction of the cost. I can also confirm that it does work with the Mac version of Logos.

The age of paper is far from over, however. As well as buying yourself any book published by Crossway (they are all fantastic!) why not subscribe to the new Logos Bible Study Magazine? Watch the video introducing it here:

John Barry Introduces Bible Study Magazine from Logos Bible Software on Vimeo.

The magazine is packed full of interesting content, such as interviews with theologians and pastors—the next edition includes an interview with Mark Driscoll. Articles are also included which will help you develop the tools you need to study the Bible well. The layout is modern-looking, and on their website you can see sample articles. At $14.95 for a year’s subscription, it’s a worthwhile gift for any busy pastor, or indeed any student of the Bible. With the tools that are available to us today, every Christian has the potential to be highly skilled and informed in their Bible study. What a tragedy that we are the most biblically illiterate generation of Christians since the Reformation.

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