Free Copies of Vintage Church By Mark Driscoll and Gary Breshers

Its way past time I announced the winners of the Vintage Church competition. I had a lot of entries and its only now that I have managed to squeeze in some time to judge them. Ten copies will be given away free, provided the people involved all get me their addresses.

There are two winners from the facebook group: Joseph and
Biblical Servanthood
. There were other entries which can be found in friends of

Blog Entries

WinnersThe Gospel Church – The Success Story Of History and
Dave Bish

Other enteries included
Why I love the Church…
Thoughts on the Church (part 1): Order of Service
Come and Worship Together

Winners –
mitchmajeski “I’m Pastor Mitch and I Love My Church”
thegreatrescue = My Blog About The Church
billy_johnson here is why I love my church:
NickStapleton The church is not a hall for saints, but a hospital for sinners.

Other enteries
scott_welch Jesus is building His church! and I’d love a free book!!!

nate_downey The church is a bunch of weak/foolish/lowly people who have nothing to boast in save the cross around which we gather

jacobpaulbreeze I just spent a week with about 40 pastors fr the Dominican Republic. Jesus truly is OUR Chief Shepherd.

chrisbowers i love the church cuz its closest thing 2 home this side o heaven, you just cant stay inside always cuz you need new friends!

corechurchtroy I already have a copy, great stuff! Driscoll has caught my attention.

christcentred@adrianwarnock The church: Loved by Jesus; loves Jesus; loves those who love Jesus. All Christians should love it too! I’ll try blog more.

terirn The church provides me a way 2 connect w/fellow believers 2 unwind & rev up 4 the next wk. It is the vitamins in my diet.

TrueConvert I love the Church b/c without Her, I couldn’t be saved. The Church is who Christ came to die for to provide life to His elect

DSeidelman The power went out in Louisville, KY. My community group at church ( gladly offered me a couch!

kyleheine The Church is a whore, but she’s my mother.

GregAtkinson when congregants get up to leave, it’s not people leaving the church – it’s the Church leaving a building.

ianjukes The universe is the stage upon which the story of two lovers is played out; Jesus and his church. All else are bit players.

acts29 I long to see the church following Jesus’ mission and not its own mission. Vintage Church by @pastormark

MitchSchellinge@adrianwarnock I believe we are ALL called to be heroes in this age, at this place. Heroes don’t save, they serve.

jclaytor@adrianwarnock i love The Church!

texasaggie1@adrianwarnock I like the church 🙂

ben_meredith@adrianwarnock here’s why I love my church.

michael_simpson@adrianwarnock religion sucks, but Jesus is cool. His bride is made perfect, washed pure by His blood. We are liberated by his perfect love.

stevebrown67@adrianwarnock i love the church because it demonstrates all the wisdom of God to all the universe. The Ch. shows how wise God is (Eph 3:10)

theugfm@adrianwarnock the church has been, is now, and always will be the only hope in a dying world…. Jesus is that hope….

allenmickle@adrianwarnock – See my post about the local church here:

dsecrest@adrianwarnock I love the church because it has equipped my wife and I to teach our children about Jesus.

geoffpfeil@adrianwarnock The church is the bride of Christ. Although flawed I choose to honor her.

johntmeche3@adrianwarnock Mark Driscoll stole our church’s name! I go to Vintage Church in New Orleans. Our members are instructed to be the church.

Forehand@adrianwarnock One reason I love the church is because it has been the comforting arms of my Heavenly Father in the midst of my tragedy.

youthmaster@adrianwarnock the church was always meant to serve one another in love, being a place of community and belonging. We need that again!

SaintLewis@adrianwarnock Not being raised in the church, I loved the diversity of style I discovered within various bodies – I could be ME.

jvmoore1@adrianwarnock “you cannot care for me with no regard for her. If you love me you will love the church.”

paper_boy@adrianwarnock I love the local church because it is our opportunity to exhibit the “one anothers”. We also get to minister to one another.

stankey@adrianwarnock I love the Church because she, despite our best attempts to the contrary, is becoming more and more beautiful every day.

tneale73 the only hope for the world!

govsocgradessex@adrianwarnock the church is bigger than the boxes the churches put themselves in (with regard to flocks)

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