Editing My Book

I have been going through the publishers suggested edits for my forthcoming book Raised With Christ – How the Resurrection Changes Everything. It has been a while since I mentioned the book here, partly because after you submit the manuscript there is a quiet spell where nothing much happens. The plan is for this book to come out in January 2010.

The good news is that my re-working of the book is going well and I am both happy with almost all of Crossway’s suggested edits, and not having to make many changes myself. The not so good news is that my laptop died last night and is no more good than a brick right now!
Even worse, it has the only electronic file of my notes to the publisher on it. I discovered to my horror this morning that I obviously had not saved that file in my “iDisk” which is automatically backed up online after all! So, even Mac’s are not infallible, especially when used by fallible people like me.
I am going to have to take it into the Apple store. They are usually very good at repairing any any problems. Mac’s are actually not necessarily any more reliable in hardware terms than PC’s. Its just that getting support is generally much easier. Please do pray for me though that it is not the hard disk that just died. If I loose that file I really don’t see how I will be able to make the deadline for handing in my edits since it represents many hours of lost work. The fact that I had no warning “your hard disk is about to die and go to heaven” noises, and the fact that the macbook is making no attempt whatsoever to power up, hopefully makes it more likely this is a power supply or motherboard issue.
On a brighter note, endorsements for the book are now coming in. The first of these comes from the forward which to my delight has been written by a man who I have been looking up to spiritually for more than 30 years. Terry Virgo is the founder of a family of over 600 churches in 50 nations. A sermon of his on prayer was recently strongly commended by John Piper and I know that many of you are discovering him right now for the first time. Here is what he so kindly had to say about my book:

“What a refreshing wake-up call Adrian’s fine book provides in restating the vital place of Christ’s resurrection. I count it an honor to provide some words of introduction. May Adrian’s volume greatly serve the twenty-first-century church by inspiring this generation to a new awareness of the resurrection and enthronement of their glorified Lord.”
Terry Virgo, Newfrontiers

The second endorsement I want to share here comes from my own pastor. Since he knows me warts and all more than probably anyone other than Andrée , in many ways I am sure this will mean more to me than any other endorsement in the future.

“Every so often, a book is written that re-awakens our soul to some gloriously powerful aspect of the full gospel. The resurrection is such a truth, and this is such a book. Adrian Warnock has been a part of the church I lead since 1995 and has served on our leadership team for more than 10 years. It is my delight that he has written this engaging volume on such a life transforming truth. If you want to know why the resurrection is crucial to your faith, if you want to know where the power for a transformed life comes from, then read this hugely accessible book and gain fresh insight into the most powerful event that has ever happened, the resurrection.”
Tope Koleoso, Pastor, Jubilee Church London

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