Top Twenty Five Videos

This weekend I thought I would share a list of my top Twenty Five videos ordered by total number of views. As you can see, one of my Chandler videos has already jumped in above Mark Driscoll in second place. Terry’s fantastic sermon on prayer is way ahead of that one even, however. I enjoyed filming or watching all of these videos. Why not watch one or two you have missed?

1 Elijah Prays For Rain Tue Jun 23, 2009
2 Matt Chandler on being a reformed charismatic without much of a seatbelt Thu May 13, 2010
3 Mark Driscoll and Adrian Warnock talk about the resurrection Mon Mar 29, 2010
4 Mark Driscoll and Adrian Warnock talk about Doctrine Tue Mar 30, 2010
5 1st Canon EOS 5D Mark II Video Wed Mar 25, 2009
6 Raised With Christ: How The Resurrection Changes Everything Thu Oct 22, 2009
7 A Call To Prayer For Matt Chandler Thu Dec 03, 2009
8 Keith Getty – Co-Writer of In Christ Alone Thu Apr 09, 2009
9 Stuart Townend Interview Tue Apr 07, 2009
10 Dare To Believe God For Miracles – Tope Koleoso Thu May 14, 2009
11 Nathan and Lou Fellingham of Phatfish Sun Apr 05, 2009
12 Elijah Prays Part Two Wed Jun 24, 2009
13 EOS 5D Mark II Testing Rode Videomic and iMovie Fri Mar 27, 2009
14 Interview With Liam Goligher Thu Apr 09, 2009
15 Wayne Grudem on Politics and the Christian Sat Apr 24, 2010
16 Richard Cunningham at New Word Alive Tue May 12, 2009
17 Matt Chandler Interview on London, Newfrontiers, and “Prayer and Fasting” Thu May 13, 2010
18 Interview with Vaughan Roberts Sat Apr 11, 2009
19 Sam Storms Interviews Adrian Warnock Wed Feb 03, 2010
20 Wayne Grudem on Atonement, Unity, Rick Warren and John Piper Thu May 06, 2010
21 Matt Chandler on the call to ministry Thu May 13, 2010
22 Sam Storms On Pastoring As A Reformed Charismatic Wed Feb 03, 2010
23 Sunrise Over Welsh Mountains Mon Apr 13, 2009
24 Wayne Grudem on whether God’s revelation has really stopped or not Sat May 08, 2010
25 Matt Chandler on why he IS friends with people on his staff Thu May 13, 2010
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