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Video Q and A with author Adrian Warnock

A video Q and A session with Raised With Christ author is now available here:PART ONE Why did you decide to write about the resurrection? But don’t all Christians believe in the resurrection of Jesus? Do we need to mention the resurrection when we preach? PART TWO Are you saying that the cross is overemphasized? Why do Christians neglect the resurrection? Do you want us to emphasize the resurrection rather than arguing about theories of atonement?PART THREE What are the implications o … [Read more...]

The State of the Evangelical Movement – from Ed Stetzer with my own thoughts interjected

These notes reflect my own impressions of what Ed Stetzer had to say at the recent Dwell London event. He was doing a seminar for cross-cultural workers to help them understand the current evangelical movement.  There are many of my own comments entwined with what Ed actually had to say. So blame me, rather than him for anything you disagree with, and credit him and not me for anything useful! Anytime I use the word “I” in these notes, this definitely reflects my opinion, not Ed’s necessarily. An … [Read more...]

SERMON: A People on a Mission

I preached this message at Jubilee Church a little over a week ago. It was part of our series from Acts and based on Stephen's Martyrdom from Acts 6 and 7. Brief notes follow the video.Downloads: Video Audio HighDefTill now, Acts had been a time of glorious growth and excitement power. Their friend had RISEN AGAIN and been glorified. All of their sermons in Acts were about this wonderful truth. MOST exciting, most GLORIOUS message MUST share caught up on a wonderful mission. It is … [Read more...]

The second Matt Chandler 300 Leaders session

This is the second session of the recent leadership conference ran at Jubilee. There is also a fantastic Q and A session is also available. My notes follow the video:watch on vimeo2 Tim 2When Chandler was proposed to the Village as a prospective pastor, he was (and still is) a Charismatic complementarian Calvinist with no college degree. So wasn't expecting to get the job.There's a way that seems right to man that ends in death. He showed them the Bible way, and found that … [Read more...]