Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-06-21

  • ”What would the world look like today if when Peter and John ran up to the tomb, the body was still there?” #rwc2a #
  • “Do you believe the accounts of the women going to Jesus' garden tomb are credible eye-witness testimony?” #rwc2b #
  • How does it make you feel to know that the women were the first to bring witness to the resurrection? #rwc2c #
  • Raised With Christ Study Group Session Two: I know not everyone who wanted to join the study group  has had a chan… #
  • How can Jesus meet with people today given that he is in heaven? #rwc2d #
  • Do resurrection theories make sense: Myth, disciples lied, body-snatchers, wrong tomb, swoon, hallucinations? #rwc2e #
  • @hmfsli #RWC2a yes, and we should also mention scientific progress much of which was inspired by a Christian worldview. in reply to hmfsli #
  • @hmfsli #rwc2c Maybe because you are already secure in your value and role as a woman? I guess this shows the highest honour to women in reply to hmfsli #
  • Real men DO cry #
  • If crying is good enough for Jesus, surely it's good enough for you! Or are you more manly than Jesus? #
  • Dispelling a myth: Apple products DO have technical glitches: Apple marketing, and Apple users like me have a tend… #
  • Preaching in your own strength vs the Holy Spirit’s power: Too much Christianity today is devoid of the felt power… #
  • Why your church doesn't feel like a family by @pastormark #
  • “Helped me to see I’d missed quite a lot”: “Great to think for a bit about how the resurrection impacts everything… #
  • RT @PJ_Smyth Thanks to blogger and mate @adrianwarnock for a shout out about Zuma tomorrow! Check out: #
  • About to enjoy a premium handmade burger with my family after a feast of a sermon and meeting many new people after church. A great day! #
  • Ask John Piper a question this week: When Piper announced his sabbatical, he mentioned that there were three forei… #
  • Great to also see my parents, grandad, brother, sister in law and niece today also! Feel properly treated. #
  • @timglass I did the last bit of that run recently. Stratford to st pancras in 8 min! in reply to timglass #
  • I have shingles. Please pray for me. No new study guide questions this week. see for details #
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