Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-06-27

  • Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-06-21: ”What would the world look like today if when Peter and John ran up to… #
  • @adrianjohnson have found someone who can pit you and your wife up for free on Saturday night if you want. in reply to adrianjohnson #
  • I must be the only Englishman in the world to have fallen asleep during the match. Tv on but little interest chez Warnock #
  • Why burning the candle at both ends is sin: Has it ever struck you that trying to avoid sleep so we can accomplish… #
  • Prioritizing your marriage: The single things that has impressed me most about John Piper was his recent decision … #
  • Christian Hedonism and Christian Marriage: The final post in my series interacting with John Piper is again on mar… #
  • Thank you for your prayers this week. Shingles is definitely easing. Just in time for Piper weekend. Thank the Lord! #
  • with John Piper is today! If you are coming, do come find me and say hello. Praying for a great day. #

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