Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-07-18

  • Twitter Weekly Archive Post for 2010-07-11: “A fantastic treatment of the resurrection and it’s importance right n… #
  • #TOAM The songs we sung together in Brighton to worship our missional God #
  • RT @joswintermeyer @adrianwarnock We are in the process of recording Kate's new ones! // GREAT NEWS! When will they be out? #TOAM #
  • @purpleclaire The best album to start with is Lou Fellingham Step Into The Light, there are a bunch of them on that one. #TOAM #Newfrontiers in reply to purpleclaire #
  • RT @YPClayConry: "As Christians we have the secret to happiness &…a life that REQUIRES us to wear armor" -@TerryVirgo #
  • Fixing the implications of Andrees email account being hacked. Just in case you were worried and got a spam from her. We are NOT in Spain! #
  • Well, a friend of mine has suggested me as a London twitterer to @rachelhills so here goes. Anyone else out there from London? #
  • Newfrontier Church plant in New Delhi: A year ago at Together On A Mission I interviewed Samir and Jackie who at t… #
  • Today: church prayer meeting and Shrek 4 3D with my boys then BBQ to celebrate Mums 65th. Should be a good day! #
  • RT @PJ_Smyth: RT @PastorMark: Men, if you don’t date your wife someone else may eventually volunteer for the job. #D8nite #
  • PJ Smyth on How to cry well when facing cancer: This year, news of PJ Smyth’s lymphoma was the sandwich in between… #
  • RT @BBC_TopGear: #TopGear starts in one minute on BBC2 & HD in the UK #
  • #topgear motorhome mayhem tonight! Typical ladish craziness. You really don't have to like cars for this show! #

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