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@nicknye let me really cheeky and suggest mine, See HTtp:// If u want shorter try sam alberry, longer NT Wright
about 7 hours ago via web in reply to nicknye

Great morning with Gods people, @topekoleoso preached well. Spirit empowering and an ordered life that’s what we need!
about 16 hours ago via HootSuite

Mbonisi Malaba interview by Brian Mowrey: I really enjoy watching Brian Mowrey’s video interviews. This one with “…
4 September 2010 18:36:26 via twitterfeed

Just about to watch a traditional Punch and Judy show having terrorised the kids with fairground rides and enjoyed a hog roast. Good days!!
4 September 2010 16:00:56 via HootSuite

@DrumPhils @AlGarlando I pray that God will bless you greatly as through reading it you consider again the implications of the resurrection.
4 September 2010 10:28:47 via web in reply to DrumPhils

I also hear it may have been reviewed in one or two other magazines. If you ever read a review please let me know, as clearly the mags wont!
4 September 2010 10:27:14 via web

Oddly when magazines print reviews of a book the author isn’t always told. Evangelical Times reviewed RWC this week, anyone got a copy?
4 September 2010 10:26:33 via web

RT @DrumPhils: @adrianwarnock 55% off Raised With Christ if you buy through Kindle (remember you can use kindle on iPad iPhone, etc)
4 September 2010 08:37:29 via HootSuite

25% off my book Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything at // Please RT
3 September 2010 21:00:13 via HootSuite

RT @PJ_Smyth: Latest G1 Blog. Receiving Apostolic Men Into Your Church… some NT principles.
3 September 2010 20:10:09 via HootSuite

RT @RickWarren: Great sermons are forged by LISTENING,not talking. Listen to God’s heart, God’s word & People’s hearts – then connect them.
3 September 2010 19:40:04 via HootSuite

@terryvirgo says @edstetzer has five personalities pumped into one body!
3 September 2010 19:40:03 via HootSuite

40% off my book Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything at Amazon UK >>Please RT
3 September 2010 18:40:05 via HootSuitep

“He was the preacher, not the general. And battles aren’t won by preachers.” Tony Blair on Tony Benn
3 September 2010 17:45:04 via HootSuite

Terry Virgo reviews Raised With Christ at Brighton’s Together on a Mission conference:
3 September 2010 08:43:31 via twitterfeed

RT @dotcomlarry: @adrianwarnock even better would be to put him in a simulated scenario where it was a possibility, and see what he does :)
3 September 2010 00:25:31 via HootSuite

My Twitter BFFs: @hmfsli @pj_smyth @topekoleoso @adrianwarnock @bryanmowrey @purpleclaire @willadair. Find yours @
3 September 2010 00:23:59 via Tweet BFFs

Met with a guy today who’s prospective father in law actually asked him if he’d be prepared to die for his daughter. Go dad!!
3 September 2010 00:00:06 via HootSuite

RT @steviedunn: The reason for ‘wasting’ so much space on a universe to house a speck of humanity is to make a point about our Maker, not us
2 September 2010 20:15:09 via HootSuite

RT @vince_honeycomb: My copy of “Raised With Christ” went up Norway’s fjords and back Taking my time with this one, dipping in and out of it
7:20 PM Sep 2nd via HootSuite

Have seen @terryvirgo recommending books for three decades. You can imagine how I felt when this was filmed:
6:36 PM Sep 2nd via web

Liking the “Who to follow” / “suggestions for you” tool on Twitter. Have found some great new Tweeps to read.
5:50 PM Sep 2nd via HootSuite

Anyone else joined Apples Ping yet? Seems like a good way to discover great music your friends like to me.
8:42 AM Sep 2nd via web

RT @TerryVirgo When I pray in tongues I’m celebrating a gift God gave me because I don’t know how to pray How kind he is & how grateful I am
7:35 AM Sep 2nd via HootSuite

RT @TedHoit: gift tests tell you everything you are naturally gifted to do – everything you can do without God – Keith Hazell
9:15 PM Sep 1st via HootSuite

One of my kids managed to pull the bottom tray of the dishwasher out while loading & smash a load of plates. Impressive! Story 4 Grandkids!
7:49 PM Sep 1st via web
@JaneHinrichs Thanks Jane. I have to try and persuade my wife of the true value of what she does regularly coz the world tells us otherwise
5:42 PM Sep 1st via web in reply to JaneHinrichs
RT @letocq: The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only, to support the ultimate career C S Lewis
5:15 PM Sep 1st via HootSuite
10 Things I learnt on my summer “break”: Following just over a month of this self-imposed near-total break from my…
12:37 AM Sep 1st via twitterfeed
Blog: 10 Things I learnt on my summer “break”
12:20 AM Sep 1st via Twitter Tools
Get Uncomfortable! Guest post by Ami Loizides Pruett: Today’s is the second guest post from Ami Loizides Pruett of…
10:34 PM Aug 30th via twitterfeed
I interrupt my Twitter and Facebook break to ask you to please pray for my resurrection seminar at Together North on Saturday afternoon

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