Tweets from 2010-10-19

  • RT @lexloiz: Lots of hand clapping and hand raising during the worship time at Lausanne Congress #lcwe #capetown2010 #
  • RT @PJ_Smyth: Tim Keller in Jozi in exactly 1 wk! U don't wanna miss this. Book at . Spread the word. #
  • RT @johnlanferman: prayer is a war-time walkie-talkie not an intercom to get the butler to change the thermostat @johnpiper @bryanmowrey #
  • RT @RickWarren: Every personality weakness is an undisciplined or misused strength.Wise coaching transforms a liability into a team asset. #
  • Prodigal Theologian reviews “Raised With Christ”: How the resurrection changes everything is both the subtitle of … #
  • RT @MattChandler74: "They say you came for the lame, I'm the lamest I broke my life but you said you'll replace it I'll take it" @lecrae #
  • RT @jeffgates: @TerryVirgo Not a breastplate of performance/spiritual experiences. It's breastplate of righteousness #
  • Only in Sweden would a computer thief mail his victims data to him on a USB stick #
  • Spooks time! #
  • @edstetzer meets in a theater and is growing in reply to edstetzer #
  • RT @PJ_Smyth Develop new leaders through praying with them; prayer is the best way for them to catch your heart. #

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