Tweets from 2010-12-12

  • Those wanting to see the full conversation with my own and others comments together see #
  • @ianjmatt We all freely chose to reject. God then overrules that choice for some. in reply to ianjmatt #
  • @Blakob88 Well, that question I definitely can't answer in 140 characters. Try hitting previous a few times on in reply to Blakob88 #
  • @ianjmatt Well, once he has created a new heart in us, it is finally truly free and to us it sure feels like we freely made that choice! in reply to ianjmatt #
  • RT @phunni Biblically speaking, God's sovereignty •never• diminishes man's responsibility // AMEN! #
  • @phunni Many would hold double predestination in a similar way to you. I am just not one of them. in reply to phunni #
  • @pesterjon I cant think of a better word than sovereignty coz He is da boss! in reply to pesterjon #
  • @Blakob88 I am similar to Driscoll but call it limited atonement in reply to Blakob88 #
  • @pesterjon What you mean that sovereignty sounds too much like we are talking about a king? We ARE talking about THE KING. in reply to pesterjon #
  • @pesterjon OK, gotcha I think. But I don't live in a republic, but do believe that Arminianism can make God into a weakened ruler like ours! in reply to pesterjon #
  • @pesterjon Like I say…we in the UK still have a sovereign, but she sure isnt the sovereign of even moderate calvinism! She's an Arminian! in reply to pesterjon #
  • @JordanLRice There is a lot of confusion about what the L actually is meant to mean. I agree expressed a certain way it is plain wrong in reply to JordanLRice #
  • @Blakob88 Well some take it so far that they say you should never tell an unsaved person Christ died for them and negate the gospel offer in reply to Blakob88 #
  • @pesterjon Actually that was Prince Charles, the heir to the phone. I reckon his protection should've shot their guns above the crowd in reply to pesterjon #
  • @pesterjon Hey fair enough. I do think that *whatever* words we use we must EXPLAIN them and explain their limits. in reply to pesterjon #
  • RT @Blakob88 That's what gets me, where's the Great comission in that? That's why I'm a strong and not a hyper// Read Soulwinner by Spurgeon #
  • @robhu Only had a brief chance to read re Molinism. Not sure it answers the questions.Too philosophical at first reading. But I may be wrong in reply to robhu #
  • OK, while I have you all. Has anyone ever heard a truly Arminian prayer? #
  • @Blakob88 Well it was good enough for Simeon and Wesley! in reply to Blakob88 #
  • @robhu I think it raises as many problems as it attempts to solve, at least on the wiki page Anyway, as I see it God knows all future fully in reply to robhu #
  • CHS on Arminians: "there may be wrong doctrine but when they come to pray the true thing slips out they cannot help it" #
  • RT @Blakob88 When asked how to reconcile Armininians and Calvinists, Spurgeon replied, "I do not try to reconcile friends." #
  • " I can work with people who disagree with me on resistible grace, if they get excited about Jesus." //Amen #
  • As you prepare for church today, pray like a Calvinist and prepare to work hard at excelence and to woo people like an Arminian. #
  • Today could well be your largest Sunday meeting of the year. Make it count. Expect salvation! #
  • @timlings ok, Spurgeon was being hyperbolic but he must have had a bit of a point? Tell me how does an Arminian pray then? in reply to timlings #
  • RT @timlings: If God knows/determines exactly the future, what does prayer accomplish?/ God hears our prayer from eternity and acts #
  • RT @AaronAdekz: "You may never be a Paul, but you might be the one that inflluences a Paul" – #
  • Hundreds of thousands of teenage girls are devastated as One Direction didn't win the xfactor. Pity help the teachers tomorrow! #
  • I suspect hundreds of thousands of teenage girls mothers are as delighted as their daughters are gutted now Matt won the x-factor #
  • O my. I just realised I have tweeted A LOT this weekend! I can promise I won't be writing as much this week. Probably some of UR relieved. #
  • Is America really ready for the x-factor? It's really not just the same as American Idol. Simon Cowell will really want to win!! #
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