Leadership and the Gospel – Lessons from Jubilee Church


The above video features both David Pask and Tope Koleoso. David provides day-to-day spiritual leadership to Jubilee Church, and Tope is the lead pastor, responsible for vision and preaching. As regular readers will know, I have been part of this church since 1995, and following 10 years of hard work and foundation forming we had around 100 people. Then, God pressed the fast forward button to the extent that at our Easter 2010 service we gathered almost 1000. We have been blessed, and are very grateful to God. We are still learning, but at the autumn 300, Tope and David were eager to share something of what we have seen over these years.

In the most recent 300 leaders conference, they shared this first session. Tope talked about Godward aspects of leadership. David then went on to explain strategic and practical aspects of leadership in the context of the growth that we have experienced at Jubilee. He spoke of four phases we have gone through – the tough review, the gathering phase, the establishing phase, and finally, beyond ourselves.

If you enjoy this video, you will enjoy watching other 300 leaders conference videos or booking in to attend the next one which is with Jack Hayford.

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