Why you should listen to Jack Hayford

I am always eager to send you away from here to learn from others. I suppose that is part of the reason that you keep coming back! I am only too well aware that I have nothing that is original with me to say to you that is of any use to you. I suppose I could try and hide my sources, and perhaps look better to you. But that wouldn’t really help you. It is high time that we realized that there are some men who God gives to his whole church, and gives them more light which we can all benefit from. That is why I am always eager to sniff out men like this, because I am convinced that, whilst not perfect, and certainly not infallible, these gifts of the ascended Christ are ignored by us at our peril.

I want to introduce some of you today to one such man that for many may not need any introduction: Jack Hayford. The link I have just given you takes you to a site where you will find many of his resources. Now, to begin with, may I just say up front that you do not have to agree with everything a man like Hayford believes to benefit from him. I am sure that the watch bloggers will be scavenging for something that he has said, so that they can condemn me just for having anything positive to say about the man. But, they have probably all rejected me already so I am not too bothered about that. Get a life I say to them, and get dressed out of your pajamas and build something instead of always tearing things down!

And build something is exactly what Jack Hayford has done. For someone who has accomplished such a lot, he remains surprisingly unknown in some circles. Many of us know his chorus “Majesty, worship his majesty” which is one of the all time favorites, and still sung often today. Others will know of his “Spirit Filled Life Bible” which following my pastor Tope’s example I do dig into.

Hayford has proven to be incredibly influential in the charismatic movement. Many thousands have come into an experience of the Spirit’s power through his ministry. He has written many books, often based on teaching series, such as for example the one that I have recently started to read called “Rebuilding the Real You.” Based on Nehemiah, this book teaches how the Spirit is at work in the believers life. This teaching has been seen, read, or listened to by millions all over the world with many reporting it to be dramatically life changing.

Hayford is not just a preacher and author, however. He has also led Church on the Way over three decades from its foundation to becoming one of the first modern mega-churches. (see the wiki article for more information).

Hayford leads out of a strong sense of destiny, and an awareness of the Spirit’s work in his life. He is a promoter of the idea of “the anointing,” a concept which once was nearly universal in the church’s understanding of leadership. How tragic if we allow this reality (sometimes called “unction”) to disappear. Selecting the best entrepreneurs we can find as pastors will not make up for that lack. Hayford’s teaching is known to be associated with what charismatics call “an impartation”. Some of these words and concepts may seem alien to some of you, but the concept and experience of being Spirit-filled was crucial to a man like Spurgeon.

Jack Hayford will be with us for our next 300 Leaders conference.
We do have some places still available. I strongly urge you to try to come. He will be distilling his life’s message for us and speaking on “Spiritual Leadership.” If you have to get on a plane to be with us, it will be well worth it! Sometimes we have to get close to someone who has an anointing from God in order to receive one ourselves.

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