Leadership coaching interview with Mark Driscoll and Terry Virgo

Imagine if you will two of the great giants of our day, Driscoll and Virgo, sitting in a lounge chatting about leadership. Interested? You should be! Every Christian is meant to be a leader, at least of himself or herself! Preferably of others too. You may not have a position of official leadership, but you are meant to be an influencer. In this video Driscoll explores some areas that have struck him whenever he has been in a Newfrontiers context. It is good to see a man who has been as successful as he has still wanting to learn from others. You really should devote 10 minutes or so to watching this video and see what it is that Driscoll wants to learn from Virgo. It was Driscoll’s home, so it is him asking the questions. It is possibly one of the best clips I have seen to introduce you to Virgo if you don’t already know him. But even if like me you have known of him for decades, this clip will still teach you something new. It also demonstrates the genuine warmth and affection these two anointed leaders have for each other.

You can also sign up for the free Driscoll Leadership Coaching program to get access to the video, although there was a link to a low res version shared in the Resurgence feed. In fact the other videos in this series look like they will be worth watching also.

I encourage you to consider joining us at the next 300 Leaders conference where Terry Virgo will be the speaker.

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