Receive an impartation from the Holy Spirit this weekend through Jack Hayford. Watch this trailer for more information.

We actually do have a few more places available for THIS SATURDAY’s 300 conference. Coming to us is Jack Hayford who is well known internationally for the level of anointing or “unction” that he has spent decades living in the good of (see my previous post on why we are excited that he is coming).

If you intend to come with an open heart, willing to receive from God, and to learn from a seasoned leader, I encourage you to clear your diary and snap up one of the few remaining tickets and come. Those who welcome a prophet can expect a prophets reward, the Bible tells us.

God changed the whole world through 120 men who were gathered in the Upper Room when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost. God could quite literally change our whole nation through 300 men and women gathering eager to receive fresh anointing, fresh gifting, and fresh commissioning from the same Holy Spirit. Are you a pastor who is tired and weary and in need of a fresh touch from Jesus? Are you aspiring to some form of church leadership in the future? Are you desperate enough for more of God to go to a pentecostal and say, “I want what you’ve got”? If so then come this weekend, moments like these can often change the course of a person’s life. Perhaps this article is God’s gentle prompting for someone who will as a result decide to come and receive an impartation that will effect thousands of others.

My life is full of surprises and unusual experiences. One such experience recently was when I was asked to voice over a trailer for the same conference. Another first for me, but I thought I would share it here and let you be the judge of whether I have a possible future career as a presenter or shouldn’t give up the day job! Here is the video:
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