Jack Hayford at 300 Leaders Conference, Session 2

This is the second video from the recent 300 Leaders event with Jack Hayford followed by some rough notes I took:

Keys of the kingdom This was not an assignment to Peter for what he would become nor a hierarchical system. Peter is a small stone, as opposed to the mighty rock on which Jesus builds his church. What he said establishes the foundation stone. He still builds his church using people who know who Jesus is. He is talking to them as a group about the plans he has. It’s the intention of Jesus for everyone in the kingdom. Authority in the Church is not about having power over people; rather, it’s about being empowered to serve people. Keys give authority to use something, like a car. It doesn’t mean you made it! They allow you to access the car. We can use it. Keys allow you to ignite the engine, and as a result you have power that is greater than anything you could produce on your own. That is what is meant by the keys of the kingdom.

When we make disciples, growth results. The Great Commission is greater than merely people coming to salvation. It is not completed by only preaching the gospel. The challenge of the church is to cultivate disciples. That is how we are called to multiply.

Jesus wasn’t weird. He communicates to someone by valuing the worth of their personhood, even if it was crushed beyond recognition. They were created in God’s image. Doesn’t mean hierarchical authority. Not superior. More servant ability. Leaders are called to serve. Sometimes we do need to confront boldly. But being preoccupied with who are the apostles and prophets can destroy the heart of ministry. It doesn’t matter what your assignment is, you need a shepherd’s heart and sensitivity. You must be willing to lay down your life for those you are called to serve.

Worship is not just about music just as marriage is not merely about sex. Marriage is about a relationship. Sexual intimacy is about communication between two people. Music is a wonderful convenient tool. People think that if you get a good worship team, the church will grow as people want trendy music. But what we need is the Spirit of God bringing life. Jack has written a book called Manifest Presence that addresses this and he encouraged us to consider reading that book.

Accessing power is different from authority. People have to know how to handle power. People often are put off by the charismatic because of the ridiculousness and disorder.

Prayer. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, whatever you loose will be loosed. Everything that is needed has already been done because of the Cross. But we have to appropriate the power. Whenever we are at a given point, when we take action to apply the keys of the kingdom, it has already been done in heaven. People pray “your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” and they think we are talking about the return of Jesus. But Jesus is not talking there about the future. It’s our daily bread; it’s worship today. We come with a sense of full acceptance. We then acknowledge our reliance on him and the sense of privilege. When we ask for the kingdom to come, it is the same as binding and loosing on earth. We are asking God to come into today and into this circumstance. We are asking for his kingdom to be freshly manifested in this world, before me or in a situation across the world. Let me act today as an agent of thing Kingdom according to your direction. Loose me, forgive me. Let your kingdom come in me as I am gracious towards others and as I loose things in me rather than binding myself with unforgiveness The congregation must understand these things thoroughly.

Three patterns of prayer:
1. Private personal. The prayer life of a person
2. Serving prayer. Praying for one another with mutual concerns.
3. Corporate prayer. This is often neglected. It is difficult to get people to come to a meeting to pray. Some have given up because it seems like too much work. When we are convicted about the importance of something we will pursue it. We need to pray together. We need a time for the body to come together and to do business in the name of the King. God has put us in a place to penetrate the darkness. Hayford’s most recent book is called that. We must pray for the kingdom to expand. A praying church makes a difference.

Worship is the key to our relationship with Jesus. The Bible says that all these things happened as examples for us. Don’t spend your time thinking about what you’ve wasted. God promised he’d pour out his Spirit and restore the years that the locusts have eaten. Moses tried to deliver Israel his own way. He then had to spend 40 years in the wilderness. In fact, those 40 years taught him about how to lead. The things we learn in hard times will help us to be sensitive to others.

In recent years, increasingly the concept is promoted that you could go to a remarkable church, replicate it at home and it would work. You can use systems and you can grow crowds. But if God is doing something unusual somewhere it is because he is doing something in people’s lives. If you seek him, God will incarnate things in you. We must stop aiming to be simply enthusiastic or trendy. We mustn’t simply adopt the habits of the past. Good things often become forms. If we stand to sing and clap to modern songs, it can become meaningless. It’s about sincerity. What forms in us is more important than the form.

A worshipping church will only be formed when there is a sense that the pastor is the worship leader. He must teach the church what worship is like. Worship is about much more than just exercising skills. Many worship teams are very skilled but don’t understand the goal of worship It’s not just to exalt the Lord or make people feel better about God, but about bringing them into the presence of God. God is everywhere, but we are seeking his manifest presence. God is omnipresent and he is with us covenantally, but we are looking for more than just emotions. We seek a sense that the Lord is here. We need people to be saying, “I’m encountering him myself.” The things we do are not useless, they just don’t always reach the desired target. In Exodus 25:8, we read “…that I may dwell in their midst..”. God wanted them to make a place where he can come and be present and that they would be conscious of it. They were the ones who built that sanctuary. We are to welcome the Lord into our midst and through worship make a place for him to dwell. People need to say when they come that there was something different. It’s not just that the music was good or the sermon seemed engaging. It’s not just that it is positive and jubilant. What is incarnated is vital. We need transformation, not just information or inspiration.

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