Tweets from 2011-05-05

  • American preachers looking for inspiration for Mother’s Day Sermons are checking out my old one: Comfort Like a Mother #
  • @dominictoms says: "all I see are headlines containing 'Rob Bell'"// This is part of a longish series. Almost done different stuff coming! #
  • RT @rupertleslie: Anyone going to the med this weekend? Forecasts say it'll be hotter here than there! Enjoy! #justsaying #
  • Get to know the man behind the theologian. Watch and read my old interviews with Wayne Grudem #
  • @warren_dc Just a couple more posts to endure then I will be done with @realrobbell I've always been like a dog with a bone for a while! in reply to warren_dc #
  • "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself" (Leo Tolstoy) via @pj_smyth #

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