Tweets from 2011-05-06

  • To those tiring of the @realrobbell discussion about #lovewins I have two more posts that will go up tomorrow then I am done with the series #
  • To those just getting into it or still itching to debate, now is your chance to ask me any more questions or make comments about Rob Bell #
  • Will be taking a break from engaging on Twitter or Facebook starting tomorrow (tho stuff is programmed to come automatically next week) #
  • So comment away or ask me questions here as I want to cut myself off from all the hullaboo tomorrow and pray & prepare for preaching Sunday #
  • I will be preaching at this Sunday AM and it is not on Hell or Rob Bell! Pray for me please as I prepare. #
  • @AaronAdekz @pastormark and anyone else. Sorry, but Saturday needs to be a family day. Doctor Who Experience is looking v. possible…. in reply to AaronAdekz #
  • If you are free this Saturday & have a Y chromosone there are still places for Mark Driscoll at the Royal Albert Hall #
  • @timebenezer Well I did take a while to get into it! in reply to timebenezer #
  • @losgriego Less than you think. Possibly more than I should. But the family isn't complaining these days. I do need to check out sometimes in reply to losgriego #
  • @emdale23 if you want to just see one thing, perhaps a look at my face to face debate with him? Its on my blog at in reply to emdale23 #
  • RT @timlings: I can also see why you don't really like Bell's stuff – he does ridicule positions that you hold very dear! #lovewins #
  • @emdale23 well I can promise you I read it and articles on both sides before the debate. in reply to emdale23 #
  • @Grant_Russell You have to understand that it is not for me to say who is and isnt a Christian. Rom 10:10 makes resurrection belief critical in reply to Grant_Russell #
  • @Grant_Russell Basically if Bell genuinely believes Jesus rose again and is trying to follow him as Lord, who am I 2 say he isnt a Christian in reply to Grant_Russell #
  • @JemGomez2138 I posted a bit about that I think earlier today or yesterday check out the blog in reply to JemGomez2138 #
  • Also, as Catholics, protestants, orthodox, and a bunch of others all use the name Christian for themselves, am happy to us a v. broad defn #
  • Evangelical, however, was always a tighter word in my view & I am not so convinced Bell is an Evangelical, which has got me in some trouble! #
  • If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved (Rom 10:10) #
  • In past 5 mins told I shouldn't have said Bell is a Christian, & shouldn't have questioned he was evangelical. Maybe I got it about right! #
  • Right, so long folks. Only auto-blog post tweets for a couple of weeks. Preaching Sunday about "How to serve Jesus at work" pray please. #
  • Interested in learning more about the The ESV Bible Translation? Why not watch my old interviews with the translators? #
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