Terry Virgo on the reverberations of Mark Driscoll's visit to TOAM

This morning Terry Virgo tweeted “Thanks @PastorMark for your courage & clarity in motivating us in Newfrontiers to move forward. Here we go!”  He was of course referring to the time Driscoll came and lobbed a few grenades in our direction.  Driscoll urged us to pray for Terry that he would know the right timing to hand over this movement.  He actually said “to a man, or men,” though most of us heard it as to a single man.  This week, Terry is handing over Newfrontiers but not to a single man, but rather to a group of men that are considered to be emerging as apostles.  Rather than a single sphere, this will now be a band of brothers, many of whom are in effect movement leaders in their own right.  Through this expansion, surely we will by God’s grace be enabled to increase the rate of church planting, which was one of Driscoll’s challenges to us.

Driscoll’s impact has been felt in another way.  He urged us to put more things in writing.  It was never going to be our style to write a statement of faith as such, but now there are a growing number of books that explain our values and practices. I cannot remember a time when so many new books by Newfrontiers writers have been made available.  A number of them are released this very week.  If you are someone who is peripherally aware of us, you could do worse than starting with reading Spirit-filled Church.

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