Tweets from 2011-07-31

  • RT @RickWarren: Build ur ministry on 2 confessions:"HE is the Christ,Son of the living God"Mt16 & "WE are just human like you"Acts14 #
  • RT @RickWarren: Christianity is a Resurrection faith.It stands or falls on THE Event that split history into BC-AD proving Jesus wasnt lying #
  • Impressed this morning to almost bump into James an Oak Hill student as he was out doing a run. And on a Sunday too! I wasn't running. #
  • @JimSPartridge when do you leave Claire hall? Was thinking it'd be nice to get the old crowd to visit. Nigel, coak, me, etc.. #
  • RT @PJ_Smyth: Worry gives small things a big shadow (Mt 6:25) #
  • RT @revtrev: Feed your faith and your fears will starve to death.~Unknown #

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