Mark Driscoll on Rick Warren

I know Rick Warren is something of a controversial figure and I have blogged previously about why I like him.  Here is an interesting post from Driscoll which shows the kind of person Rick is:

I first heard from Pastor Rick Warren perhaps a few years ago. He said he wanted me to fly down to a conference he was hosting, hang out, and get some time together. So, I did, along with a few friends. We learned a lot from Rick and his staff. They were incredibly nice, showed us around, and seemed genuinely willing to do pretty much anything to help us organize our growing church. I even had dinner a few times with Rick, along with a few other guys, and got to ask some questions about dealing with critics and leading a large, complicated organization.

At some point on my first trip to Saddleback Church, I asked Rick why he had reached out to me. With grief on his face, he said that some years prior he had made a list of young pastors he was praying for and thought might be used by God to serve the greater Church. However, over the years he had crossed off the list those pastors who had disqualified themselves through acting sinfully or believing heretically. Over half the list was out of ministry. But I was one of the guys still on the list. So, he was praying for me, concerned for me, and wanted to extend a hand to help me in any way he could. He was very kind, and very genuine.

Since then, he has been faithful to call me now and then just to check in and see if he could encourage or serve me in any way. Every time he calls, I’m amazed because despite how very busy he is, his genuine concern for pastors compels him to encourage many.

– READ MORE at  A Few Stories About Rick Warren | Pastor Mark.

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