300 Leaders – Dave Devenish and Mike Betts

Yesterday I promised to blog about the two other speakers at the next 300 Leaders conference. Dave Devenish should be no stranger to regular readers of this blog, as I have serialised a chapter of his outstanding book Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission, and interviewed him. His is a remarkable man who gave up a successful career in international banking to serve Jesus. Content to minister alongside Terry Virgo, he has been a massive part of what God has been doing through Newfrontiers for decades. He has seen churches planted in many nations. His recent book, based on teaching he has been developing for years, has helped bring definition to church oversight. If you have ever heard people speak about apostles today and wondered what they mean by that, coming to 300 leaders to hear Dave preach will massively benefit you. If you are already part of an apostolic movement (which Stetzer has observed are growing in influence globally) you will learn how this gift can help you connect with the global mission God has called his church to. Whatever your church background, this next 300 leaders will be a great benefit to you.

Those who have wondered what the future holds for Newfrontiers now that Terry Virgo has laid down his day-to-day leadership of our movement will do well to hear from Mike Betts. Mike is one of a significant number of apostolic figures that were recognised at our final conference in Brighton. Over the last few years Mike has established a group of churches that relate together, and reach out on mission. It is this gathering together of churches to serve the mission of God that is a key gift that we need to see released more and more. The future of Newfrontiers is secure because God is raising up many like Mike who will care for the established churches, and drive missional expansion. Mike has also developed a real strength in working closely with prophetic ministry and will be sharing about how this partnership can propel us into mission.

The need of our nation is urgent. The call for churches to grow and plant other churches is strong. I am convinced that this day conference will help us. I hope to see you there!

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