The next 300 Leaders event – YOU are invited

It is a real pleasure to me to let you know that Tope has invited our friend Bob Roberts to be one of three speakers at the next 300 leaders event. Bob has a message that the global church needs to hear. The church he founded has grown dramatically. Bob has helped to plant over 100 churches. He travels to places most American evangelicals wouldn’t, including Vietnam and the Middle East. Bob urges both global and local engagement by every church member. He is also still very keen to learn from others, as evidenced by his recent invitation to Terry Virgo to minister freely in his church, and his gathering of church movement leaders from other nations.

Bob is someone every church leader should be aware of. He is someone every church leader would benefit from listening to. I have sat with him for an hour or two and massively enjoyed his company, and since then have strengthened my friendship with him over Twitter. I strongly encourage you if you are within a reasonable traveling distance of London (and arguably most cities in the world are!) to consider coming to this remarkable event. Tomorrow I will tell you a bit more about the other two speakers who I am also very excited about learning from.

In the meantime, please do visit and book in!

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