Top 200 Christian blogs

This is a list of top Christian blogs and micro-bloggers (who tweet in English) organized by the number of Twitter followers

NB You can READ THIS LIST on Twitter or follow those you want to

There has been a lot more interest and discussion than usual about the recent release of the Church Relevance Top 200 Christian Blogs list, which I am fortunate to have once again featured in. Some commented on the fact that the methodology of constructing any such list inevitably leads to some notable omissions.  Others, including Ed Stetzer and Rachel Held Evans commented specifically on the absence of women bloggers (and Frank Viola posted his own Top Ten Christian Women Blogs).

So I thought I would share a Top Christian Blogs list with a difference.  This list is ranked by another measure of influence that as far as I can see the other lists dont measure: Number of Twitter followers. Interestingly I found almost nobody in the top blog lists who didn’t also Tweet, and the vast majority of them post all their blog posts as links to their Twitter feed (usually automatically).  If you run a blog and don’t do that yet, its time you sort that out!  I did add some blogs not in the Church Relevance List, as well as including some who seemed too low on his list.  I made note of all the comments in posts linked above (for example everyone Frank Viola’s list are included in this one), and looked at some other lists of popular blogs, as well as people that I follow on Twitter. To try and catch a few people I missed, I did look at and  But it is inevitable that I must have missed some people out, and for that I am sorry, feel free to let me know who is missing!

I have renamed this post as “Top Christian blogs and micro-bloggers” in recognition of the fact that some of the people on this list don’t actually blog as such. Most of them write articles relatively frequently, however, and even those who don’t probably should be bloggers, and use Twitter as though it is the micro-blogging tool it really is. If you are looking for a list with a more rigorous definition of what it is to be a blogger try the following, and add yourself there if you are missing:

You may also want to read my follow up post about how we should handle our feelings when considering such a list and our position on it, entitled On having an area of influence and not comparing yourself with others.

This list demonstrates that the other measures of blog influence do not always correlate with Twitter follower counts.  No doubt as time goes on and more and more people get onto Twitter this may change.  You will note that there are no links below, which is because I have created a Twitter List which you can either subscribe to, or go through and follow the ones you like.  If you don’t yet have Twitter, now is a great time to start, and just like reading blogs, you can read without feeling under obligation to write if that is what you prefer!

If you are on Twitter and don’t find yourself in my list, never fear, here is a list of 500 Christian Twitter accounts I have also handpicked over the months to form a list that I read much more often than my main Twitter feed.  Lists are a great feature to help people stay on top of their Twitter accounts in my view!  Without further ado, here is my Top 200 list, updated thanks to the support of the excellent folks at

The Top Christian Blogs and micro-bloggers ranked by Twitter Followers

1Joyce MeyerJoyceMeyer1791383
2Benedict XVIPontifex1578151
3Joel OsteenJoelOsteen1406619
4Rick WarrenRickWarren895511
5Max LucadoMaxLucado671174
6John C MaxwellJohnCMaxwell633159
7John PiperJohnPiper441942
8Mark DriscollPastorMark342867
9Louie Gigliolouiegiglio331617
10Darlene ZschechDarleneZschech312338
11Beth MooreBethMooreLPM273477
13Brian HoustonBrianCHouston244950
15Matt ChandlerMattChandler74195174
16Mumford & SonsMumfordAndSons192317
17Judah Smithjudahsmith177701
18Michael HyattMichaelHyatt172987
19Desiring Goddesiringgod152536
20Donald Millerdonaldmiller150153
21Natalie GrantNatalieGrant147764
23Jon AcuffJonAcuff143231
24Steven Furtickstevenfurtick142680
25Scott WilliamsScottWilliams141003
26Bill HybelsBillHybels128425
27Sidney MohedeSidMohede120124
28Christine CaineChristineCaine116089
29Rob Bellrealrobbell114697
30Pete Wilsonpwilson112162
31Compassion Intlcompassion110232
32Ron EdmondsonRonEdmondson102211
33Michael MinotMichaelMinot101838
34Christianity TodayCTmagazine98772
35Thom RainerThomRainer94835
36Paul Washerpaulwasher84535
37Perry Nobleperrynoble83370
38Ed Stetzeredstetzer82655
39Priscilla ShirerPriscillaShirer81339
40Bill JohnsonbilljohnsonBJM80423
41Rev. Bosco PetersLiturgy74989
42James MacDonaldjamesmacdonald69433
44Joshua HarrisHarrisJosh66257
45The Gospel CoalitionTGC65718
46Thangluai FamilyTheGodTweeter65342
47Nicky Gumbelnickygumbel60084
48Tullian TchividjianPastorTullian55439
50Billy GrahamBillyGraham52246
51Ann VoskampAnnVoskamp51385
52Marie WiklespreadingJOY50687
53Anthony EvansAnthonyEvansJr48079
54Lee StrobelLeeStrobel43037
55FUTURE Patrick Dixonpatrickdixon42544
56Grace to Yougracetoyou41980
57Hugh FreezeCoachHughFreeze41221
58Real Talk MinistriesRealTalkWarrior40980
59John GrayRealJohnGray40756
60Mike Friesenmike__friesen39534
61Brian JohnsonbrianjohnsonM38362
62Bobby HughesBobbyHughes536489
63Chris HodgesChris_Hodges34477
64Jenn JohnsonJennJohnson2033126
65Ligonier MinistriesLigonier32988
66Rachelle GardnerRachelleGardner31403
67Kurt WillemsKurtWillems30237
68Mattie MontgomeryForTodayMattie29293
69Frank BraswellFBRASWELL28700
70C.J. MahaneyCJMahaney28157
71Shane ClaiborneShaneClaiborne27263
72Carlos Whittakerloswhit27207
73Matt Carter_Matt_Carter26974
74Vicky Beechingvickybeeching26933
75Dr. David AndersonAndersonSpeaks26548
76Leonard Sweetlensweet26016
77Brian D. McLarenbrianmclaren24616
78Kathryn Jean Lopezkathrynlopez24196
80Kay WarrenKayWarren122932
81Stovall Weemsstovallweems22428
82Jeff GoinsJeffGoins22345
83Acts 29 NetworkActs2922114
84Greg Surrattgregsurratt21687
85Kevin DeYoungRevKevDeYoung21644
86Bristol PalinBristolsBlog20736
87Rachel Held Evansrachelheldevans20341
88Justin WelbyABCJustin20265
89Alan Hirschalanhirsch19971
90N. Catholic RegisterNCRegister19970
92Stacy Lynn HarpStacyHarp19797
93Frank ViolaFrankViola19612
95New Adventnewadvent19456
96Tony CampoloTonyCampolo19240
97Bob Kauflinbkauflin19223
98Anita MathiasAnitaMathias118798
99Willie GeorgeWillie_George18502
101Jonathan HultonJonathanHulton16804
102Phil Munseyphilmunsey16349
103Joe (J.R.) Miller jrmiller77715989
104Eric Masonpastoremase15829
105Abraham Piperabrahampiper15655
107Rick Bezetrick_bezet15399
108Burk ParsonsBurkParsons14263
109Kent Shafferkentshaffer13936
110Fr. John Zuhlsdorffatherz13821
111Thomas PetersAmericanPapist13805
112Mark McIntyremhmcintyre13729
113Trevin WaxTrevinWax13351
114Bob Roberts Jr.bobrobertsjr13325
115Larry Stockstilllarrystockstill13238
116Adrian Warnockadrianwarnock13007
117Douglas Wilsondouglaswils12287
119Matt Frymattfry11942
120Michelle ShaefferMichelleShaeffr11815
121Frank TurekFrank_Turek11714
122The Daily Spurgeondailyspurgeon11407
123Ray Ortlundrayortlund11192
124DJ Wade-Odjwadeo10817
125Jeremy Myersjeremyers110815
127Phil JohnsonPhil_Johnson_10297
128Paul Scanlonpaulscanlonuk10197
129Joshua Beckerjoshua_becker10146
130Kem Meyerkemmeyer9651
131Rocco Palmoroccopalmo9632
132Religion Newsreligionnews9502
133Tony Perkinstperkins9255
134Jim DalyDalyFocus9127
135Mari-Anna Stålnackeflowingfaith9028
136Tony Jonesjonestony9015
137Andy Crouchahc8901
138Rob Ketterlingrobketterling8829
139Nadia Bolz-WeberSarcasticluther8819
140Religion Todayreligiontoday8798
141Lambeth Palacelambethpalace8396
142Leadership JournalLeadership_Jnl8393
143PJ SmythPJ_Smyth8385
145Terry VirgoTerryVirgo8261
146Herbert Cooperherbertcooper7943
147Thabiti AnyabwileThabitiAnyabwil7926
148Derwin L. GrayDerwinLGray7917
149Wayne HilsdenWayneHilsden7736
151Steve TimmisSTimmis7545
152Jon TysonJonTyson7528
153Tim Bristertimmybrister7432
154Sr CatherineWybourneDigitalnun7357
155James WhiteDrOakley16897338
156DJ Chuangdjchuang7307
157Darren Canningdarrencanning7268
159Adrian RogersAdrianRogers6883
160Jennifer Fulwilerconversiondiary6876
161Alan Knoxalan_knox6738
163Joe Thornjoethorn6198
165Jeff VandersteltJeffVanderstelt6115
166ARC Churchesweplantlife6098
167La ShawnLa_Shawn6021
169Dana McCallian Byersdanalbyers5678
170Duke Tabertaberstruths5677
173krish kandiahkrishk5672
174Tony ReinkeTonyReinke5562
175Henry Neufeldhneufeld5540
176Sarah Besseysarahbessey5332
177Pastor Leonce CrumpCrumpII5330
178Steve McCoystevekmccoy5282
179Hank Dugiethehankdugie5269
180Tim Chestertimchestercouk5227
181Jim TomberlinMultiSiteGuy5202
182Andrew Jonestallskinnykiwi5192
184John Siebelingjohnsiebeling5135
185Nathan W. BinghamNWBingham5085
186Dr Bex Lewisdrbexl5013
187Jeff MillerCurtJester4745
188Bishop Kenneth UlmerBishopUlmer4725
189Bible and Missionbibleandmission4700
190maggi dawnmaggidawn4638
191Dave Walkerdavewalker4551
192John Dicksonjohnpauldickson4542
193Jason MeyerWePreachChrist4479
194Micah Friesmicahfries4149
195Frank SchaefferFrank_Schaeffer4087
196Jon BloomBloom_Jon3941
197Jon BennettJonBennett783941
198Owen Strachanostrachan3847
199Randy Bezetrandybezet3830
200Joseph LouthanJLLouthan3794
201Joel VirgoJoelVirgo3744
202David PawsonDavid_Pawson3735
203The Christian UnionsUCCF3700
204Tope KoleosoTopeKoleoso3685
205Joy W BennettWritingJoy3500
206Scot McKnightTheJesusCreed3428
207Daniel Kirkjrdkirk3363
208Warren Birdwarrenbird3355
209Dwight Longeneckerdlongenecker13276
210Langham PartnershipLanghamPartners3267
211Nicole CottrellModernReject3241
212Carl Beechcarlfbeech3137
213Rachel Mannmetalvicar2978
214Frank TurkFrank_Turk2938
215Josh SurrattJoshSurratt2926
216Jim DenisonJimDenison2882
217A Deeper StoryDeeperStory2871
218Andreas Köstenbergerakostenberger2826
220Hannah Mudgeboudledidge2743
221Patheos CatholicPatheosCatholic2737
222Justin BrierleyUnbelievableJB2705
223⌘ MISSIONARIESMissionaries2673
224Peter Ould ☩PeterOuld2590
225Chris Kiddchriskidd2586
227My ShibbolethMy_Shibboleth2522
228Annmarie Milesauntyamo2431
230Bryony Taylorvahva2368
231Julian C AdamsJulianCAdams2319
232Peter LeithartPLeithart2311
233Marc BarnesBadCatholicBlog2308
234Owen J D BrownOJDBROWN2305
236Alise WrightAliseWrite2298
237God and Politics UKGodandPolitics2254
238Miriam Swaffieldmiriamswaff2233
239Elizabeth Drescheredrescherphd2215
240Harvey TurnerPastorHarv2198
242Anna Drewannamdrew2165
243Phil Vischerphilvischer2156
244Joe Carterjoecarter2155
245Elizabeth MichelleElizabethMelle2095
246Jessica BowmanBohemianBowman2091
247Dave Bishdavebish2077
249Malcolm Yarnell ✒myarnell1952
250The Vicar’s Wifethevicarswife1945
251Andy NaselliAndyNaselli1941
253Preston Yanceyprestonyancey1886
254Dan PhillipsBibChr1862
255John Shorejohnshore1858
256Nick Uvanickuva1828
257Colin DyeColindye1818
258John QuickJohn_Quick1734
259Theology NetworkTheologyNetwork1722
260Nick BatzigNick_Batzig1716
261Mike Reevesmike_reeves1705
262Aaron ArmstrongAaronStrongarm1700
263David DevenishDevenishDavid1676
264Sara BattsDrBattyTowers1670
265Derick Dickensderickdickens1651
266Michael PattonCMichaelPatton1622
268Steven LawsonDrStevenJLawson1584
269Fr Simon Rundellfrsimon1560
270Eric WilliamsFunkyDung1560
271Adrian Hollowayadrianholloway1554
272David FrenchDavidAFrench1536
273Paul ChitwoodDrPaulChitwood1492
275James F. McGrathReligionProf1479
276Laura Sykeslayanglicana1464
277Dave RobertsPartakers_Dave1459
278David CloakeFrDavidCloake1453
279Derek Ouellettederekouellette1440
280Jonathan Le Tocqletocq1436
281Timothy DalrympleTimDalrymple_1419
282Peter Saundersdrpetersaunders1417
283Edward GreenEdwardBGreen1408
284Colin UrquhartColinUrquhart1386
285Peter Ennspeteenns1380
286C.H. Spurgeon Quoteschsquotes1356
287Lex Loizideslexloiz1351
288Lex Loizideslexloiz1351
289Eric TeetselEricTeetsel1350
290The Crescatthe_crescat1328
291Philip Ritchiephilritchie1312
292God loves womenGod_loves_women1305
293Lore Fergusonloreferguson1297
294Scott ThomasGospelCoach1287
295James PrescottJamesPrescott771282
296Tanya MarlowTanya_Marlow1282
297matthew hosiermatthewhosier1234
298Alan Molineauxalmolx1190
299Colin Cowardchangingatt1187
300Glenn LuckeGlennLucke1183
303Eddie Arthurkouya1151
305Mark MeynellQuaerentia1134
306Darryl DashDashHouse1106
307Shannon LewisSaintLewis1083
308Patheos EvangelicalPatheosEvang1053
310David HoldenDavidEHolden1039
311Jo RoyalJoRoyal1036
312Mike BettsMikeBetts62998
313Glen Scrivenerglenscrivener955
315Pastor KC Brownpastorkcbrown933
316Andrew WilsonAJWTheology931
317Epiphany Camdenepiphanycamden922
318Jeremy SimpkinsJPSimpkins905
319Steve TibbertSteveJTibbert896
320Jerry SuttonJerrySutton891
321Evangelicals NowEvangelicalsNow846
323Jesse Johnsonjarbitro785
324Thomas CreedyThomasCreedy782
325Dave Warnockdave42w780
327Viola on PatheosPatheosViola725
330Andrew Evansandysstudy693
331Hayley MossYouthPresident686
332Liz ClutterbuckLizClutterbuck673
333Sam AllberrySamAllberry666
334Marcus Honeysettmarcushoneysett652
335Phil MoorePhilMooreLondon650
336Will Gradywillgrady644
337Beverley Molineauxbevmolx639
338Michael Mercerchaplainimonk597
339Albert Galgarlando581
340Phil Whittallsimplepastor576
343Andy GrayAndy_CityHill570
344David Faulknerdavefaulkner565
345Ron Hudsonpastorhudson562
347Mission ChurchMissionChurch525
348Simon Benhamsimonbenham517
349Dave KetterDaveKetter513
350Sean Dohertyswdoherty504
351Rhys Scottrhysscott497
352Daniel Hamesdanhames462
353Cat CairdCat_Caird451
354Yohaan Philip Iyohaanphilip445
355kirsty cwhataboutkirsty423
356Joel Raineyjoelrainey411
357Mack StilesMackStiles410
358Alice Buckleyalicecrumbs406
359the warnieswarnies374
360Jennifer ParnhamJenniferParnham371
361Michaela YoungsonStphotina368
362Nick ParishLongingtobeholy352
363Kelly J Youngbloodkjpyoungblood350
364Jarel Robinson-BrownJarelPianist347
365Greg HaslamHaslamGreg322
366Matt CollinsthegingerMC321
367Ami Loizides Pruettamipruett314
369Nathan GamesterNathanGamester294
370Lisa Robinsontheochick289
371Nikki LernerNikkiLerner259
372Robyn Afrikafrikadvantage253
373Dave Winterdajmwinter240
374Jon Marlowjjmarlow208
375Kath CunninghampilgrimKath185
376Marc PolandMarcellusPoland151
377Peter KirkGentle_Wisdom120
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  • Rev. Paul T. McCain

    If Lutherans are allowed to be on your list….
    Twitter followers: 2141

    By the way, the far more significant figure to track is not Twitter followers but fans/followers/friends on Facebook.

    • Adrian Warnock

      Who says Facebook is more significant!

  • Rev. Paul T. McCain


  • Mike

    Hey Adrian,

    I just had my site Tweet you as well (@BeforeTheCross). We would love to be considered for your next Top Christian Blogs list. Anything you need from us on this? Site is

    Thank you!


  • daniele luciano moskal

    Ciao and Calvary Blessings to you, and congratulations on the publication and success of your book.

    I would like to be considered for your next Top Christian Blogs List in the UK

    Grazie – dio te benedica, AMEN!!!

  • Barry Pearman

    Hi Adrian, thanks for the list. I also blog and tweet about Christianity and Mental Health. I have 4500 twitter followers. Love your blog too, has given me some great writing prompts.

  • christiannetwork

    Thanks for the list
    Here is my blog (why not)

  • Robert Emily Baker

    Check out – it’s a great Christian blog site.

  • Norman

    Great article. I really appreciate the list of bloggers. Looking forward to signing up for with RSS feed. I only started blogging in the last year. But I am learning much from experienced bloggers.

  • deon_L

    Its great to find more Christian Blogs out there!

    Feel free to Pay me and My Christian blog a visit :)

    TWITTER: @deon_L

  • Simon

    This is a great list, I recognise most of the names on there but will now have a look at some you have suggested.

    I recently revamped my blog and website and I would love for some of the bloggers in this list to guest post!


  • Justin Steckbauer

    Could I get a listing on here? My blog is at: My twitter is @justinsteckbaue and I have 1889 followers. Thanks!