“I’ll never give up. You’ll never let go” a pick me up by my wife, Andree Warnock

My darling wife has written what I think is a rather nice poem. Tell her what you think of it in the comments section:

Let love and mercy
Never leave me
Your wisdom and strength
Be mine
Give me the hope
That never fails
Give me the wind
That fills my sails

I lift up my head
And everything changes
I think of your majesty
Throughout the ages
There is a reason
For every season
To glorify you
In me

Oh quiet my heart
And make me still
I see that my cup
Isn’t empty but full
It’s overflowing
With every good thing
I worship you
My Lord and King

I thank you for life
I thank you for grace
I thank you that I can
Seek your face
It’s all in your plan
To reach out to man
I humble myself
To You

I’m gonna keep praising
My wonderful Saviour
I’m gonna keep going
I’ll trust in Your favour
I’ll never give up
You’ll never let go
I will make it through
With You.

About Adrian Warnock

Adrian Warnock is a medical doctor, and a writer. Since 1995 he has been a member of Jubilee Church London where Tope Koleoso is the pastor. Together they have written Hope Reborn - How to Become a Christian and Live for Jesus, published by Christian Focus. Adrian is also the author of Raised With Christ - How The Resurrection Changes Everything, published by Crossway.
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    Blog: “I’ll never give up. You’ll never let go” a pick me up by my wife, Andree Warnock http://t.co/SksWRDtU

  • http://www.philmorgan.org/ Phil Morgan

    A wonderful expression of praise and devotion. Thanks Andree.

  • http://twitter.com/warnies/status/256093365035212800/ @warnies

    “I’ll never give up. You’ll never let go” a pick me up by my wife, Andree Warnock: http://t.co/h4iCAttl

  • Naomi

    Wonderful words, thank you! I like to have a go at poetry and writing from time to time, here is a short and simple one of my realisation that I needed to know God personally. http://talkingchristian.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/knowing-god-without-knowing-god.html

  • Larry

    Thank you. An easy read, full of insight and meaning. A blessing to my day.