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I joined Greg Surratt and his other guests for a conversation about social media and Christian ministry.  I certainly enjoyed our conversation, and I hope you will. Make yourself a coffee, sit down, relax!

You can also check in for future hangouts or view  previous ministry hangouts can be viewed on YouTube and they make a great resource.

Some highlights of our session included the following:

  • A claim that anyone who says they never check their social media stats is simply lying
  • Me confessing to a secret about the way I use Twitter
  • Greg promising to follow me (and he kept his word just after the end of the event!)
  • Talking about Gregg’s first Instagram video
  • “The problem with Instagram is that Facebook owns it”
  • “I am not sure if God loves Facebook, Im sure he loves Zuckerberg, but…”
  • Us talking about Rick Warren’s public grieving
  • “Its social media not broadcast media”
  • Discussing some of the critical mistakes that churches make (e.g. not monitoring their own social media feed and so ignoring enquirers).
  • Hearing about how Compassion uses social media to help sponsors stay in touch with their children.
  • The need to use multiple channels as different people have strong preferences for one or other channel.
  • Dawn urging us not to ignore Pintrest and holding up as examples of Flatirons Community Church and  Hope Community Church as examples of how to do it well.  As a result I have even posted  the video on Pinterest ..go re-pin it now to convince me I should be more active over there.
  • Discussing the role of both strategy AND being human
  • “Pastors, don’t let blogging hinder what you are doing on the ground, it must serve what you are doing not the other way round.”
  • “With social media we can get broad influence, and that is good if God has called you to it.  But he hasn’t called you to be the next Rick Warren.  What is better than broad influence is deep influence.  God will hold you to account for that.”

For more information about the other guests see the following Twitter handles: G9ine, dawnnicole, shawnwood, and JustInTheSouth

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