God’s Eternal Purpose and your church: session by Eddy Leo

Perhaps you think you understand small group ministry.  Perhaps you have got frustrated because your cell group doesn’t seem to grow like it should.  Perhaps you are concerned that people in your church are not maturing as they should.  I would urge you at the beginning of this year to set aside some time to watch this video carefully and ask God to open your eyes to a new perspective on what exactly God’s eternal purpose is, and how that can be worked out among us.

In the last post I shared a brief interview to introduce you to our speaker.  I believe God has much to teach us through this pastor from Indonesia.

Some highlights to encourage you to watch the whole thing:

  • “People say @eddyleo looks like Jackie Chan, I say Jackie Chan looks like @eddyleo
  • “Persecution will never kill the Church. Persecution grows the church.”
  • “The most important purpose in the whole Bible: God eternally mutually indwelling in the Trinity. Loving one another.”
  • “God wants us to enter the one another lifestyle he has eternally enjoyed. He wants to have a dwelling place in his Church with mutual love”
  • “The eternal mystery is Christ among you PLURAL the hope of Glory. This is God’s eternal purpose.”
  • “The eternal purpose is that God wants to have a dwelling place: a body of Christ, a family of God the Father, a temple for the Spirit.”
  • “We cannot be a body without practicing one another’s, especially ministering the word to each other” Col 3:15-16
  • “One individual Christian cannot reveal Jesus properly any more than an eyeball could reveal what a person looks like.”
  • “The purpose of our meetings is for edification which is οἰκοδομή = building up the household” (1 Cor 14:26)
  • “Ephesians 4 tells us that every member is meant to build up the body of Christ. They are to be equipped by the fivefold ministry.”
  • “To build a house you need to find the material=evangelism, then shape it=teaching, fit it together relationship=pastor , make sure it matches the blueprint=apostle. Prophetic people are quality control. Need all those five ministries to build a house”
  • “Don’t just equip the cell leader, and then assume the leader will equip the people. Equip ALL the people.”

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