Spare a thought for preachers this week: Easter Sermon ideas

For most churches, Easter Sunday will be one of the biggest services of the whole year. It is one of those times that people will come out to church. And so you would think that preachers would be relishing preaching this Sunday. Most will. But it can be harder than you think to come up with something that is fresh without being original. This is not the Sunday to be creating a new heresy. In fact no fewer than four out of my top ten most popular posts this week are about Easter preaching, and hence represent preachers looking for inspiration. Pray for your pastors, people!

So I offer you some resources that may spark your thinking. Take anything you find here, but make sure you make it your own. And make sure that you appreciate afresh for yourself the wonder of Easter. Jesus death and resurrection should never feel old. It should never feel over-worked. It should certainly never feel boring. If it does, I prescribe a long country walk, listening over an over again to two songs while praying to SEEK Jesus face:

In Christ Alone and Christ is Enough.

The following resources including my book may help. But if the long walk and attempt to reconnect with God frankly doesn’t do it for you, it is not too late for you to find someone else to preach for you. This weekend you must preach from the heart, not the head, meditating on Jesus should get you to the right place.

Other useful Easter resources:

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  • Peter Kirk

    Adrian, my first tip for Easter preachers is the one which, as related in your book, God gave you in 2007: “Adrian, preach about the resurrection.” Do you remember this, which I wrote in my review of your book:

    Adrian continues his first chapter by explaining “HOW THIS BOOK CAME TO BE WRITTEN”:

    I was asked to preach on Easter Sunday 2007. … Preachers don’t often talk about how they decide what to speak about. … I woke suddenly in the night. A simple phrase was burning in my mind: “Adrian, preach about the resurrection.” (p.21)

    I must say I am amazed. In what other Christian tradition would it take a voice from God (at least that’s what Adrian implies this was) to get a preacher to choose the resurrection as his or her sermon topic for Easter Sunday?