Where does a Christian's joy come from? How should it be expressed in our worship?

This is now the third post in a series based on an edited transcript of my recent sermon on the Life of Joy.Today we ask, where does this joy come from? and how should it be expressed?1 Thessalonians 1:5 speaks of ‘…joy of the Holy Spirit’. It is joy that is both in the Holy Spirit and it is joy that is from the Holy Spirit.Galatians 5 lists the fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, JOY, peace, patience… Those things are indivisible and if you want a life of joy, study Galatians 5 and ask God to … [Read more...]

Prophecy today: Hearing the Holy Spirit for Yourself – Keith Hazel

I had a fantastic weekend listening to the man I am officially nicknaming "the Gentle Prophet." If you are intrigued as to what a non-freaky modern day prophetic ministry could look like, this video sermon is well worth a watch:Download options at Hearing the Holy Spirit for Yourself – Keith Hazel. … [Read more...]

Avoiding Pracictal Atheism (1 Thess 4:8) Bo Noonan

God is our adoptive father. We are in the family of God. But many of us live like we don't know that God is our father. God is not guilt tripping, and he is not insecure. But he is often asking us, do you realize that I am your Father?Atheists believe there is no God and so why would he affect our lives at all. But many Christians live as though God is not real. You may believe certain doctrines, but they don't affect your life. Belief is meant to affect how you act.God made the … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Hugh Palmer on 1 Thessalonians, part 4

Here are my notes from the final session I attended at New Word Alive, except for the bloggers' session:Everyone needs a theology. Many people see all kinds of negative connotations to that word, e.g. that it is “heavy.”  It is not doctrine instead of experience. It is not theology instead of how to live life better. We can’t leave theology to the experts. God doesn’t want understanding to be locked away in some ivory tower. We must live in the good of it. Without theology I am at the me … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Hugh Palmer on 1 Thessalonians, part three

In the third session on Thessalonians, Hugh honed right in on our purity. He urged all of us listening to make a decision to stop playing games with God. He warned us that if we reject the teaching on sexual purity we are not rejecting our preacher, or even Paul, but God himself.But as Hugh explains, Paul begins by saying, "Be what you have been made by God." We start with the gospel, but then must live in light of what God has done to us in saving us.God intends for us to be transformed.  … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Hugh Palmer on 1 Thessalonians part two

One of the features of New Word Alive is the series of Bible readings which, over the course of each morning, covers a book. This year Hugh Palmer is covering 1 Thessalonians. I missed the opening session which focused on how the word was being twisted and assaulted in Paul’s day.Hugh began by speaking of the intolerance against Christians happening right now in the UK, the likes of which we would never have imagined. Christianity and British culture have drifted apart. Hugh said that he h … [Read more...]

Piper What the New Birth Does For Us

John Piper is a great preacher—not just to listen to, but also to watch. I find God stirring my heart through him every time I play one of his videos. It also reminds me of what I'm aiming for when I preach, which is "logic on fire." I pray that God will draw many into his purposes in the way he has drawn John Piper.Today I want to highlight one of the sermons in his series on the new birth - Why Do We Need To Be Born Again? (Part 2). Here is an excerpt of this excellent sermon, which serves a … [Read more...]

Lou Fellingham's Mum Died Yesterday

Many readers of my blog will know of Lou Fellingham, and some will have been praying for the family situation she has been facing lately. Her mother, only 56, died yesterday.The family would like people who knew her to be made aware of the fact that there will be a celebration service for her on Saturday, October 18th, at Jubilee Community Centre, Charlwood Road, East Grinstead, RH19 2HL with a 4 o'clock start. All are welcome. There will be tea, coffee, and cake afterwards. Should you wish to … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday – Why Discernment is Vital

As a believer living in the West, I'm constantly reminded of the need to exercise discernment, especially when it comes to matters such as claims of spiritual gifts and the activity of the Holy Spirit. I thought today I would go to one of my favorite works by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Joy Unspeakable.Directly before this quote, the Doctor points out that in all ages there are two main dangers confronting Christians when they need to evaluate claims regarding the reappearance or revival of gifts in … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – Sam Poe & Phil Wilthew – Pastors and Prophets Building Together

This morning I attended the last session of the Leaders’ training track, Prophetic Encounter, led by Sam Poe and Phil Wilthew. Today’s session looked at “Pastors and Prophets Together Building the Church.” I also was able to get to the two previous sessions, which I summarized at these pages:Apostles and Prophets Together on a MissionProphets and Prophets Together Giving a Fuller PictureSam serves on John Lanferman’s apostolic team in the USA. He and his wife, Marlene, have travelled widely, serv … [Read more...]