What do Acts and Romans say about the charismatic discussion?

In these few posts I am wanting to simply draw our attention to what the Scriptures say on the debate that has been raging recently. I am trying not to pass comment on these verses but allowing them to speak for themselves. It is worth pointing out one key difference in the way that charismatics approach Acts in particular, however. For us, this book is broadly speaking intended to be a normative model of what the Church can be like at best. For more of that follow the link, but here are the … [Read more...]

How to see people saved every week

Earlier today I posted about how miracles don't automatically lead to salvation.On Twitter I later posted a link to an old post of mine in which I argue that The Soulwinner is a book every Christian should read.I wrote "This book should stop us accepting a form of Christianity where week after week no one gets saved in our churches"Some saw a disconnect, basically asking how could we expect salvation a when even miracles don't guarantee those results.Possibly one of the most important … [Read more...]

10 reasons why Acts is normative

One major source of the differences seen in the church today I outlined in my Charismatic-Cessationist Spectrum are differing approaches to the book of Acts. Some say it is merely a descriptive book to tell us the story of the growth of the early Church. Others say it is prescriptive, giving us an idealised model of what church life should be like, it is in other words "normative."  That does not mean that churches will always look like this, but it does mean that this is a model to aspire to.   … [Read more...]

What is a Christian?

I believe it is very important that we broaden our definition of Christian, but at the same time narrow our definition of Evangelical. UPDATE: See also this post "How to become a Christian" Very often people confuse the two these days. The Evangelical movement has always been a movement within the wider Christian movement. Often it has been accused of believing that only other Evangelicals are really Christians. It is no wonder then, that some today do not like it when people suggest they are … [Read more...]

Where does a Christian's joy come from? How should it be expressed in our worship?

This is now the third post in a series based on an edited transcript of my recent sermon on the Life of Joy.Today we ask, where does this joy come from? and how should it be expressed?1 Thessalonians 1:5 speaks of ‘…joy of the Holy Spirit’. It is joy that is both in the Holy Spirit and it is joy that is from the Holy Spirit.Galatians 5 lists the fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, JOY, peace, patience… Those things are indivisible and if you want a life of joy, study Galatians 5 and ask God to … [Read more...]

Dr Kenneth Ulmer on the Great Call, Great Commission: Glorify, Go, Wait, Be

Last Sunday at Jubilee Church London we were really blessed to hear from Dr Kenneth Ulmer as a visiting preacher. He preached two completely different sermons from two different passages at our two services. In this first message he began in John 17 focussing on the call we all have on our lives to glorify God. He stressed that each of us have things to do to "accomplish the work" God has set for us as individuals. He then moved to Matthew 28 where he spoke about what framework it is we work … [Read more...]

Prophecy today: Hearing the Holy Spirit for Yourself – Keith Hazel

I had a fantastic weekend listening to the man I am officially nicknaming "the Gentle Prophet." If you are intrigued as to what a non-freaky modern day prophetic ministry could look like, this video sermon is well worth a watch:Download options at Hearing the Holy Spirit for Yourself – Keith Hazel. … [Read more...]

The Holy Spirit as Evidence of our Salvation « Scholarship in the Glory

I just had to share this quote with you, do pop by the blog I found it on to read the rest of the article.  The writer is speaking about a verse in 1 John which says essentially that the Holy Spirit is directly involved in giving us assurance of salvation.  There is some similar material in my book Raised With Christ, but to be honest, I think this guy says it more clearly than I did here, and much as I know many of my loyal readers would disagree, I am not ashamed to nail my colors to the mast o … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo- What do we mean by being filled with the Spirit?

Here is the video, downloads and my notes from Terry Virgo's second session at this month's 300 Leaders event:Downloads: mp3, videoIn his first session, Terry spoke about the Spirit-filled church. This requires Spirit-filled people. We need to help people come into understanding, so they will be clear. Terry will almost always explain the Bible to people before praying for them to receive.Acts 1:4.V8 is called the key to understanding the book of Acts. The disciples had … [Read more...]

Receiving the Holy Spirit

At the recent Mobilise USA event, Tope Koleoso spoke in a seminar about receiving the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to listen to the audio of the session and some notes follow. Other audio is available from the Newfrontiers USA site.1. The MandateTHE WELL John 4:14 “Receive the Holy Spirit.” John 20:22 “be filled with the Spirit”, Ephesians 5:182. The MeansJesus is the - Baptiser in the Holy Spirit  John 1:33-34 (ESV)JOHN 7:37  "On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesu … [Read more...]