Logos 6 Bible Software – A familiar friend continues to grow up

I have used Logos Bible Software now for more years than I care to remember. I have bought far more books for this software than I have physical books. It is so much part of my study routine whenever I want to dig deep into the Bible that it is hard to imagine serious Bible study without it.I have tried some of the other software available, and there is no doubt in my mind that Logos is quite simply the best tool available to study the Scripture. If you buy Logos by following this link you … [Read more...]

Logos 5 – the best Bible software

I have had a long-standing relationship with Logos Bible Software, version 5 of which has just been released. It is something I have spent a lot of money on over many years, but the benefits of it have been incredibly worthwhile.I am able to offer a 15% discount to new Logos users. Simply click one of the links or the image in my sidebar and ensure WARNOCK5 is listed as coupon when you check out. Note that the discounted price will only appear later in the checkout process. Existing Logos … [Read more...]

A three-celebration present to myself: Zondervan on Logos and more journals

Easter is around the corner. I love this time of year at the best of times.  This year, the Easter weekend is a triple celebration for me. We commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus. But on Good Friday I will celebrate my own spiritual resurrection, for it was on that day that I first made a response to the gospel as a young child. I thank God for what he did in my heart that day, and for his hand in protecting me ever since.On Monday April 5th, I will also be celebrating what I could … [Read more...]

FREE offline ESV Bible for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Crossway have this week released a rather neat Bible app. You can highlight text, make notes, favorite Bible verses, and browse the history of which passages you have been reading.  It is a very nicely designed, easy to use interface. The app is free, and it stores the Bible offline.  There is really no reason not to pop over right now to the iTunes store and buy the ESV Bible app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. … [Read more...]

Electronic Edition Of Raised With Christ

Logos Bible Software are offering my book on their pre-pub program. You can pre-order a copy of Raised With Christ: How The Resurrection Changes Everything to add to your electronic library now.This was a pleasant surprise to me, since although it was suggested as a possibility several months ago, I only heard it was definite when it appeared on the website just a few hours ago. Since Logos Bible Software played a major role in assisting me to write the book, it seems somehow appropriate. I … [Read more...]

Clearing Up Some Logos 4 Bible Software Confusion

A few thoughts based on my own experiences and on some reports from others around the web. Most of this relates to people who already have the old Logos. If you are jumping in for the first time you only need read the first point below unless you are a Mac user, when due to the fact they are still in Alpha you are going to need to install a copy of the old version of Logos for mac as well. I would install version 4 first if you are a new user, even if you are on a Mac.1. Installation Questions … [Read more...]

25% Off NEW Logos 4 Bible Software for Blog Readers

Logos Bible software has long been my primary tool for bible study, sermon prep, and book writing. Now it just got even faster with a radical new search engine, and an iPhone app that can read my books.I couldn't have written my new book Raised With Christ without Logos Bible Software, so imagine how excited I was to hear that Logos 4 would be even faster at searching, and could now fit in my pocket with an iPhone app that reads the books I own!If you have never owned Logos Bible Sofware, this … [Read more...]

FREE iPhone App From Logos Bible Software

I just downloaded the brand new and totally FREE Logos Bible Software iPhone application. It is truly astonishing. Even if you are not yet a Logos user you can read and search and read 30+ Bibles for free. It has a typically awesome iPhone interface and just in case you missed me saying this, it is totally free!But the app comes into its own when you give it your logos username and password. You can do a passage guide search, and even read many of the books you already own. Considering I … [Read more...]

Logos Bible Software and Snow Leopard Beware!

If you are a Mac and Logos user, you might want to delay installing the Snow Leopard update of Mac Os X by hopefully just a few days or so. Apple's publicity for this version of its operating system over the last few months can't seem to decide whether to describe this almost as a minor update or as a whole new operating system. The truth seems to be that while there are not very many new features on this upgrade, the whole code has been rewritten [UPDATE: this is actually not correct, tho the … [Read more...]

FREE Finally Alive by John Piper For Logos

Logos Bible software is fantastic software. It might not be cheap, but thats because the number of resources it includes would stress your bookshelves if they were in print. I have had a special offer of 25% off base packages for readers of my blog. Logos are kind enough to give me a referral fee which goes some way to offset my costs in running this blog. Now, Logos have a special offer for one month only of a FREE download of John Piper's latest book, Finally Alive. I described this book … [Read more...]