More on apostles today

Woodside Church has a detailed explanation of what Ephesians 4 means for the way we should be doing church today. … [Read more...]

Cessationism and Charismaticism

Jollyblogger is as much a hero to me in the blogdom as C.J.Mahaney is as a preacher! He is much wiser than I am, much more measured in his comments, and brings out the best in me. It is fantastic to have a great conversation going on between two very different schools of Christian thought - even if on most points he and I would definitely agree!At risk of boring some of you, I intend to carry this on in our fast becoming inimitable style- measured, relaxed, often with a day or two in between … [Read more...]

What did the church ever do for me?

So what is the point of church? Why is it important? Why does it exist and what can it do for me? Should I actually be asking the question 'What can I do for the church?'Like the Romans, there is much that has been purely practical that the church has accomplished. Great social movements, charitable care, justice campaigns that have led to changes in the law have all come from church. Not to mention institutions like schools and hospitals many of which were started by churches.Actually, … [Read more...]

Unchurched= heretics?

Mac: "It would suggest that I could not commune by prayer and spirit with Christians who are say, in California, or in Israel, and so on. It may not have the benefit of person to person contact, but Warren and those like him appear to completely discount the benefits of communing with the body of Christ by spirit rather than by physical presence."Now that paragraph shows the confused thinking typical of Macs position. Is he saying he cant commune by 'Spirit' with believers or that he can? I … [Read more...]

The unchurched shall probably fall…..

In a thread which I am entitling More on the unchurched shall probably fall....... Mac Swift, I and others have been discussing the issue of whether church is essential to Christianity. Mac has most recently claimed that he thanks God daily he is not in a church, and that meeting together informally and I guess randomly could satisfy what the bible means when it says we should not give up the habit of meeting together.First of all, can I say that I have a lot of respect for Mac and others … [Read more...]

A response to "A beginners guide to the Emerging Church" from Mark in Guernsey

As a 30 year old, I should agree with Andy Peck's article on Emerging Church (January 2004). However, for an article to be convincing, it requires informed argument.The claim that the evangelical church mirrored modernity is a paradox. Modernity dismisses faith as irrational and unable to be proved. Conversely, the concept of truth, and communicating it, has always existed in the church. Jesus told His followers that the truth would set men free. Teaching was given as one of the core … [Read more...]

Ephesians 4 ministries explained

Thinking further about Terry Virgo's quote "a pastor loves people and the teacher loves books'" I thought it could be helpfully reworded and expanded.A Pastor loves Christians A Teacher loves books An Evangelist loves non-Christians A Prophet loves God An Apostle loves the ChurchClearly we need church leaders who do all these things. Equally clearly, each of our leaders will inevitably focus more on one of these aspects than the others. Without them all (and I definitely include the … [Read more...]