Good news when doubts attack: Blogging through Galatians

The Audio of the sermon I preached this morning is online. My notes follow: Good news when doubts attack (Galatians 1:1-12) Intro Doubts are a feature of life. Does he really love me? Will I ever meet someone? Is this the right job for me? There is not one aspect of the Christians message that isn't under attack from outside and within the church Was Jesus who he said he was? Was he born of a virgin? Who made the world? How can a loving God allow suffering? Why has this happened … [Read more...]

God's Will and the fruit of the Spirit.

Good morning, I know for some of you it's good afternoon. The blogosphere is a little slow this morning, well, except for politics.One story I want to highlight is at The Christian Mind and is about learning the Will of God for our lives. Jollyblogger also highlights it and has some additional thoughts.Question for discussion: Does anyone ever get concerned with God's Will when it comes to blogging?I'm studying and writing this morning so I will leave you with the passage that I am working … [Read more...]

When is it not "Legalism"?

I sure hope I'm not going outside my "guest" status but I want to put this out there for discussion.Full disclosure: Adrian's post about legalism sparked something in me and I started working on my input for the discussion. I had spent about 15 seconds glancing over the post before going to work so I picked up only on the things that struck closest to home personally. I had a differing opinion on what I thought I read. As I was writing my rough draft I would refer back to Adrian's to ensure I … [Read more...]

Are you losing your religion? Let Colossians encourage you!

Legalism is a very pernicious thing. Every religion has its rules and regulations, and we are great at manufacturing them. For some Chrisitans its the cinema- thou shalt not! For others its drink- no not even a drop! (UPDATE: of course for an alcoholic a personal decision not to drink may be very helpful, provided it doesnt become a law for everyone else. More on this here) For some its wearing certain clothes, or strict sabbath observance.I actually think some diets are bordering on the … [Read more...]

Galatians challenge – a reader rises to the task

Had an interesting email that I have permission to publish from one of my readers who has entered my Galatians challenge:Hi thereI browse your blog now and then, & saw the Galatians challenge. Then I thought, "well, that's a bit much work really for just a blog that I like to stop by sometimes." Then you asked again and I though oh well ok. :)I thought I'd rather respond through email than in my usual blog spot since our blog is generally devoted to apologetics and we don't do sermons ...1. … [Read more...]

The Return of the Warnie Awards

Once again the award that simply will not go away has returned. Two new proud recipients are unveiled on an unsuspecting world.The first receipient, is a fellow Warnie, although Dave Warnock says he has never been called that nickname. Perhaps something to do with his methodist sensibilities? Warnie is kid of Arniesque really so perhaps as a nickname it is less suitable for our methodist brother? He is certainly nothing if not gentlemanly (Ed- or should that be gentlepersonally?) in our … [Read more...]

More on the New Perspectives on Paul, by N.T. Wright

Last night I lobbed a grenade entitled New Perspectives on Paul, by N.T. Wright into the blogosphere. Not surprisingly I got two predictable response. The first argued we were wasting our time even considering Wright, the second seemed to uncritically accept him. Indeed the second kind of response and its prevelance shows me why at least some of us need to read at least some of what Wright has to say, if only to be equipped to counter it.In the past I have enduldged in theological warfare with … [Read more...]

Blogging about Galatians – cheat sheet!

My good blogging friend gaddabout has pointed us all to Martin Luther's Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians- now thats cheating, but all the best preachers will tell you they never have an original thought in their heads- I wonder where Luther got all his ideas from........ … [Read more...]

New Blogger challenge: Galatians

I would love to take some of you on a journey of discovery about what goes into writing a sermon series. One of my readers asked a while back how to make a great sermon. Well, in case you didnt know already one of the great tips of sermon writing is get as much help as possible.I am increasingly convinced that theology was always meant to be done in the context of community. We are working that out locally, but as the web is often the next best thing to a face to face community and seems in … [Read more...]

Disagreeing with pyromaniac over Galatians

I have been listening to one of pyromaniacs sermons again, which I very much enjoy. I'm going to have to with great trepidation disagree with him about one point.Phil claimed in his sermon that the visit of Paul to Jerusalem spoken of in Gal 2 is the same event as the Jerusalem council.This may seem like a minor issue on a level with the debate I raised concerning whether Paul had ever met Jesus before his death. It does however have important implications for the dating of Galatians and our … [Read more...]