My Time At The Journey

St. Louis is home to two churches I was keen to visit.  The Journey (an Acts 29 church) is led by Darrin Patrick, and I was so glad to be able to get there yesterday evening.  I'll talk about Jubilee probably tomorrow.  First up, I think I like the idea of the time.  Saturday at 5 PM is "dead time" for many people.  To be done by 7 PM and have an evening left would be very attractive to many, I am sure.  I suppose that if you have grown up in a religious family it may take some getting used to. B … [Read more...]

God Of Compassion – What The Lazarus Story Shows Us

The following paragraph is one of the last things I have written to be inserted in my book Raised With Christ at this last major round of edits. It was inspired by a fantastic song on the fantastic new CCK album:One of the most emotive events in the whole Bible takes place when a friend of Jesus dies. The pain of Lazarus’ sister is tangible. In a sense everything the Bible has shown us about the problem of death climaxes at this moment. Suddenly we see the compassion of Jesus and the strength of … [Read more...]

The Main Message Of The Rich Man And Lazarus:

We are such wretches that even a resurrected preacher would not be enough to guarantee our salvation! BUT Although unmentioned, this points to the coming savior – Jesus paints the problem to make us ready to hear the solution: There is a Jesus who stooped to do what the Rich Man wouldn’t! Jesus came to the lowly to lift them from the ash heap. Matthew 1:21 “you shall call his name Jesus(=God saves), for he will save his people from their sins.” Autistic boy's mom: When I scraped my son's fa … [Read more...]

The Rich Man's Desperate Pleas And The Morals And Mysteries

The poor man is in bliss while the Rich Man is in agony Even in hell hasn’t repented – come and serve me…..not in a good place! Selfishness of the rich man persists – make poor man his servant or his messenger and only for his brothers…what of the rest of mankind? Do we only pray for our families? Heaven and hell are absolute and nothing can go between – In heaven people know God’s perfect presence, in hell they don’t. In heaven people know joy and no pain, in hell they know pain and no … [Read more...]

The Great Reversal – Rich Man Beware!

We must understand that God will not be mocked. He wants us to care for the needy, understanding the grace we have received should make us gracious to others. These study notes continue the background to my recent sermon. The video is now available: By Adrian Warnock23 August 2009download video or download audioJesus says that since we have Freely received, we should freely give (Matthew 10:8) John Piper: “The more sacrificially generous you are on earth, the greater will be your enjoyment of … [Read more...]

What Was The Rich Man's Sin?

I am continuing to share my own study notes that helped me to prepare for my sermon on the Rich Man and Lazarus. We move today to ask what it was that the rich man did wrong. Jesus’ teaching, and much of the NT is so pro-poor and anti-rich we have to ask ourselves the question, was the problem just that he was rich? Which are we? Important question as the truth is we are unbelievably rich in world terms. We all like to think of ourselves as spiritually rich but physically poor, maybe the o … [Read more...]

The Shocking Parable of The Rich Man And Lazarus – Luke 16

The video of the sermon I preached this morning is available here: By Adrian Warnock23 August 2009download video or download audioThese notes are the first part of a set of full study notes that I used during the preparation of this sermon. They contain more material than I could actually preach, particularly in terms of the quotes. But, it demonstrates how helpful I find my Logos Bible Software in preparing. Every quote except one was found using that program, and you will see how some … [Read more...]

Learning About Prayer From The Persistent Widow

Last Sunday Dave Pask spoke about The Persistent Widow - Luke 18:1-8 as part of our August series on the parables.. With all the recent interest stirred up online about prayer thanks to John Piper's response to Terry Virgo's recent sermon on Elijah I thought it would be good to share this very helpful talk here. You can watch it here or download it from the Jubilee site or subscribe to the Jubilee vodcast or podcast in iTunes or on your iPhone. … [Read more...]

Graham Daniels On The Parable of the Banquet Luke 14

A few things happened before we get to our passage. First Jesus heals someone with dropsy on the Sabbath, no less. Later, someone speaks to Jesus, and he just blanked him. Jesus sees to the heart. The message is that you accept a general invitation but when the specific invite comes you treat it with contempt.The master sends out for the poor, blind and lame. He is angry. They had said yes, but it was all a lie. Get out to the people who wouldn’t normally be invited. Make them come in. They are s … [Read more...]

Don Carson on the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Don began by explaining the importance of considering context of bible verses by using the phrase “there is no God.” Which of course is not an advocacy of atheism when seen with the preceding phrase “The fool says in his heart”The Good Samaritan is not merely saying that we should be kind to neighbours. We need to consider this in its immediate context and in its broader context. The teacher is trying to test Jesus and asks Jesus what he need to do to inherit. Yet an inheritance is a gift. The q … [Read more...]