Death By Love – Pastoral Application of the Atonement by Driscoll and Breshears

I want to introduce you to a very unusual book by Mark Driscoll and his writing buddy and professor, Gerry Breshears. I would go so far as to say that this is a unique book in that I have never seen anything quite like it.If their first book together, Vintage Jesus, was a light cheerful book that offended some by its use of humor and at times edgy topics for illustrations, this new book by these two men is more of a grungy, almost dark book. The video over at the ReLit site leaves you in no … [Read more...]

Credit God, Blame Man, Or Why Double Predestination is Error – Charles Simeon

Last week, as you may know, I preached on Jacob. During my preparation I was, not surprisingly, taken once more to the glorious doctrines of grace—the so-called "TULIP." Jacob is used in Romans as a supreme example of God's free grace.This post is part of a mini-series highlighting quotes from others on each of these five points of Calvinism. It will also provide links to some old posts I wrote on Calvinism. We began the series with a quote that claims the doctrine of total depravity helps your m … [Read more...]

A Question From a Reader on Eating Blood

Every now and then a reader will send in a question for me. In the past some of them have led to months of blogging — I think in particular of the reader who asked, “What does a reformed charismatic church look like?”I now have received a question asked by a reader which I’ve decided to share with you today rather than answer myself. I thought it would be an interesting challenge for you all.Adrian:I stop by your blog from time to time and have been greatly encouraged by your words, and have fou … [Read more...]

What is it with yeast? A reader asks about Leviticus

I received this email this morning from a friend:I thought I would give you a progress report on my Bible reading . I have now completed Leviticus, and to be perfectly honest I found it a bit hard going. Here are some thoughts I would appreciate your brief comments on.The laws must have been imposssible to keep, life must have been one long round of sacrifices and ceremonies.In your opinion; which of the two is it easier to live uder The law, or grace?What is it with yeast?I have … [Read more...]

Leviticus – so what?

Leviticus at first sight can appear a challenge to any serious bible student. It is often remarked that those who embark on reading the bible through all to often fall at this hurdle. It is full of elaborate rituals for the priesthood and descriptions of sacrifices involving quite gory detail of blood being shed. It is no doubt the lengthy descriptions of Leviticus that the writer to the Hebrews had in mind when he summarized that almost all things are by the law cleansed with blood; and without … [Read more...]