Virgo: Joseph as a picture of the charismatic church

Tope: I remember, actually, you tweeted recently that you listened to a sermon that you preached... how long ago was that?Terry: Thirty years ago...yah.Tope: And the voice was different.Terry: That’s funny, yes, my son, my youngest son said to me ‘Have you heard your voice on this recording?’ So I said ‘What’s he talking about?’ So I turned it on and it’s strange how your own voice sounds so different thirty years ago. But I was talking about Joseph and just listening to it reminds yo … [Read more...]

Breaking Free – A sermon by Terry Virgo

This is the message that Terry Virgo preached at Jubilee Church last Sunday. Next week I will begin sharing my notes from his talks at 300 Leaders followed by an interview I filmed with him.Downloads: mp3 videoExodus 4This is Moses' reply to God’s call. Rather unexpected. You would expect a man to say “thanks for a great privilege.” Instead he is reluctant and slow to respond. His life was not a clean sheet. Like most of us some things are already written there. Often people are h … [Read more...]

Serving Jesus at Work – Lessons from the Career of Esther Part One

Today I begin a new series which is taken from an edited transcript of a recent sermon I preached at Jubilee Church.  Here is the video of that sermon:Downloads:  audio,  video,  HDI have referred quite a bit to two sources while preparing this. We’ve often said that at Jubilee, it’s as though we live between the ESV Study Bible and the Spirit-Filled Life Bible. I’ve found both of those resources incredibly useful in my preparation. The Spirit-filled Life Bible summarises this book in … [Read more...]

10 Ways a Christian should respond to the earthquake in Japan

As Japan braces itself for a possible further serious earthquake, and deals with the consequences of such massive devastation caused by the last one, not to mention the risk of a major nuclear incident, how should Christians respond? Please understand that none of this is intended to claim that we have all the answers to such a disaster. In fact, like Job's friends' initial response, often the best thing we can do is say absolutely nothing, and share people's pain.I write this article with … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Joel Virgo on 2 Samuel 10

These are my notes from the final session from this years Together On a Mission. The preacher was  Joel Virgo.David fought many wars. It initially seems odd that this one gets prominence. It is surely not just because the writer has a sense of humor and wishes to remind us of the humiliation of men effectively having their trousers removed.David is given outrageous promises. He is told that his descendant will rule over the universe for ever. This was someone who was not, and wasn't even in … [Read more...]

Two Books On Ruth By John Piper

The man is a dynamo. Knowing as I now do how much heartache and mental effort can go into just one book, the many volumes that Piper has produced are a monumental achievement. Most of us find it hard to even keep up with reading all of them. They are all good, but some of his works stand out as exceptional. I believe that his book on Ruth called A Sweet and Bitter Providence (Crossway, 2010) is one that it is important you do not miss. Piper crams a lot of teaching into a short book, which also … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo on Elijah’s Despair

Elijah really was a man just like us. Despite seeming like a superman in much of the Scripture, in 1 Kings 19 we see a man who is burnt-out and yet somehow clings onto God. Regular readers of my blog will remember a fantastic sermon preached by Terry Virgo on Elijah's prayer. It was one of the most popular things I linked to this year.The sermon below is the next in Terry's long-running series from when he preaches at CCK. Terry has several decades of experience of leading a growing family … [Read more...]

Elijah Prays For Rain – A Sermon By Terry Virgo

Elijah Prays For Rain from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo. Note that at the end of the video you will need to click on part two within the video player to watch the rest. You can also download the video in high definition from vimeo, or lower definition as well as audio from the CCK website.In a couple of weeks time I will be at the Together On A Mission conference hosted by a man who I have been looking up to spiritually for three decades. I wanted to interrupt my blog break to share this sermon … [Read more...]

The God Who Answers – A Sermon On Prayer

The other week I preached on Elijah's prayers at Kings Church, Ilford. The audio is now available to download or you can read the sermon notes here. … [Read more...]

SERMON — The God Who Answers

Today I preached at The King’s Church, Ilford. Here are some notes which are similar to those I preached from. The audio is also available to download.Christians who have been used by God in remarkable ways have ALL been people who were particularly devoted to prayer. Ordinary Christians like you and me often feel guilty at the mere mention of the word. Many of us are dissatisfied with our prayer life.If we were really convinced that prayer changes the way God acts, and that God does bring about … [Read more...]