TOAM08 – David Stroud on 1 Samuel 14

During the worship time this morning, Keith Hazell shared an interesting prophetic word. It spoke about a wind coming that would shake things in our land, but also a great time of blessing for us. He felt that there would be new alliances forged and new opportunities presented to the church by the government.This morning's preacher was David Stroud. Dave leads ChristChurch, London, and the Newfrontiers UK team. He has been involved in leading churches for over sixteen years; ChristChurch is the … [Read more...]

TOAM08 – Stephen Van Rhyn – Prevailing Under Pressure (Daniel)

Well . . . I’m here! And the Brighton conference has begun. The sense of anticipation and excitement is incredible. Joyful reunions of friends who have been on separate continents are happening everywhere. We are really a family. We are really on a mission.At the beginning of the week, I would ask that you pray for me. It is a busy week for me with typing, interviewing, and, of course, just meeting friends. My jet lag is improving quickly. I was also determined this year, more than usual, to p … [Read more...]

C. J. Mahaney on People God Killed – A Sermon That Changed My Life

If you are an avid C. J. Mahaney listener, you may well have heard of a series of talks he did many years ago on people in the Bible who God killed. In which case, I've got a real treat in store for you! But first, let me set the context.I would like to share with you a few sermons over the coming weeks or months that have impacted me so much that I still remember them. I am convinced that the gentle "drip drip" effect of being continually exposed to good teaching over many years is as important … [Read more...]

TOAM07 – Session 9: Terry Virgo on the Sin of Achan

Terry VirgoTerry is based at Church of Christ the King, Brighton, UK, and leads the Newfrontiers team. A well-known Bible teacher, Terry speaks at conferences around the world. He has written several books, including No Well-Worn Paths, Does the Future Have a Church?, God’s Lavish Grace, and his latest, The Tide is Turning. See also Andrew Fountain's notes from this talk, The Folly of Achan.There are a few traditions within the family of Newfrontiers. One of them is that the father of the m … [Read more...]

TOAM07 – Session 4: P-J Smyth

A number of logistical and technical challenges have been conspiring against live-blogging here over the last day or so — hopefully those are now resolved and normal service can return. I am glad that Andrew Fountain has been posting — I hope you are enjoying his posts. I am thrilled to have now been able to make it here — last night at one stage it looked as though storms would prevent me from getting here this morning, but in the providence of God — here I am!We have just had a great time of wo … [Read more...]

T4G Articles 5-6 – The Attributes of God and the Trinity

The next two articles in the Together for the Gospel Statement discuss the nature of God. The concept of the Trinity is so entwined with God’s attributes and who He is I have decided to roll these two articles into one. I have already posted an extensive set of notes and an audio on the attributes of God and the Trinity. In my talk I demonstrated that Jesus can be shown from the Bible to share every major attribute of God that theologians describe. Enough of these are also ascribed clearly to t … [Read more...]

SERMON – Reviving Prayer – 1 Kings 17:1 to 2 Kings 2:14

The following is a full set of notes, including background information and quotes I used whilst preparing my sermon entitled, "Reviving Prayer," which was preached at Jubilee Church on the 25th of February 2006. Much of this material was never designed to form part of the sermon — instead it is, if you like, part of the "iceberg" that lies beneath the surface supporting what I actually said. You can download the audio (you may need to right click and save the file onto your PC) or listen right h … [Read more...]

Spurgeon on Revival

The word revival is back on the lips of people I know — I hadn't even heard it mentioned for a very long time until just recently. I thought I would share some quotes from Spurgeon on the subject of revival with you today. I hope and pray it inspires you to pray for revival, and to have an eye that is trained to see the signs of God's reviving work that are all around us every day. "And now, at this time, we want to have the old truths restored to their places. The subtleties and the r … [Read more...]

Needy People Need God – 1 Samuel 1

The audio from Sunday's sermon is available to listen online or via the podcast. God helped me, and there was a good response to a call for prayer. One young guy made a public declaration of the faith he had come to over the last few weeks in private. There is great joy in heaven over one sinner who repents! Here are my notes, although they are perhaps less complete than usual.IntroductionWelcome to the family. Want you to share in our joy. We unashamedly love kids here!Joy of new birth only … [Read more...]

Has the Holy Spirit rushed on you?

It is interesting to note an ESV phrase for the activity of the Holy Spirit. He is decribed as rushing on people. I think you would know if someone rushed on you. This all seems rather apt for describing experience I and many of my charismatic friends share. It is also consistant with John Piper's view of the matter. I have previously gathered some thoughts and quotes on receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit into one place that might be of interest to those following our … [Read more...]