Pray Your Way Into The Busyness Of Twenty-ten

Tope Koleoso preached this last Sunday on entering the New Year purposefully and with prayer. We are beginning the year with a week of prayer and fasting at church, so I have asked a guest blogger to join us here later in the week after I have shared a sermon I have set on auto-publish for tomorrow.Tope is passionate about inspiring Jubilee to be a church that is continually more devoted to prayer. At the beginning of this recording he prays a blessing on us as a church. Why not pray along … [Read more...]

Shepherds Conference – My Response to the Cessationist Challenge

Over on the Pulpit blog, Nathan Busenitz — who has graciously commented over here — has asked us charismatics to add any further killer arguments to his list of the top 10 charismatic objections to cessationism. I am not sure if he will have time in his seminar itself to address those that I offer below as additions to his very helpful list, but I suspect, given his gracious demeanor, I may find myself debating this issue with him further in the future. If I have worked his comment system right, … [Read more...]