Are You Still A Sinner?

One of my commentators didn't like my last post when I said that God really does change us when we become a Christian. I am not going to get into the philosophical arguments he does. As O don't think the Bible All I can say is that when God declares someone to be righteous, in some mysterious way he makes us righteous.I remember well what Terry Virgo who is one of my theological heroes once said in a comment I read in one of his books. He began a sentance as follows - "When I was a … [Read more...]

Atonement – Jesus Thought He Was Fulfilling Isaiah 53

There has been a certain amount of reaction to yesterday's post on the atonement. Clearly there are two issues here -1. Do we accept that Isaiah 53 teaches us about Jesus' death or is the suffering servant somebody else?2. If we accept that Isaiah 53 is about Jesus, does it teach Penal Substitution?The answer to the first question is very straightforward if you believe the bible is without error and Jesus can be trusted. For he himself tells us who the prophet is speaking of -Luke 22:37 For I … [Read more...]

The Atonement – Isaiah 53

If there is one passage in the whole of Scripture that contains the doctrine of penal substitution in its most clear form, it is Isaiah 53. Here, truly, we stand on holy ground! Those who criticize the traditional view of the atonement must become contortionists to escape the implications of this passage. Some claim this is not referring to Jesus at all, and yet Jesus Himself and many of the New Testament writers clearly apply this passage to Him. For example, this is the passage which the … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – The Authors of Pierced for Our Transgressions

UPDATE - I have commented on criticism this post has received in a post entitled "Who is preaching another gospel?"The history of the Church is quite simply the history of unlikely heroes who God raises up to meet the challenges of the hour. It was a great delight for me to recently spend some time with two such heroes—Dr. Andrew Sach and Dr. Steve Jeffery. They are both Anglican ordinands studying at Oak Hill Theological Seminary and yet, together with their new Principal-Elect, Dr. Mike Ovey, t … [Read more...]

The Atonement – The Terrible Problem of Sin

In the last post in this series on the atonement, we examined some wrong ideas about the cross. Today we will simply list some verses for us to meditate on which address the terrible problem of sin.This series is based on teaching I first gave at Jubilee Church. If you want a sneak preview of what is coming you can download the audio (you may need to right click and save to your PC) or listen online here: Today I want us to spend some time thinking about the following verses. Go away and look … [Read more...]

The Atonement – The Historical Background to the Cross

In a previous post in this series on the atonement, we asked, “Does the Cross of Jesus Matter?” Today we will look at the historical background surrounding the cross in the Bible. You will find a list of some of the most recent posts about the atonement from my blog at the end of this post — and if you follow the xml link you will see a longer list.This series is based on teaching I first gave at Jubilee Church. If you want a sneak preview of what is coming you can download the audio (you may nee … [Read more...]


This sermon was preached at Jubilee Church on Easter Sunday 2007. The audio is available to download or you can read an edited transcript below. Other useful Easter resources:Did Jesus rise from the dead? I believe in Jesus: a sermon on the Trinity and the Resurrection A Good Friday Sermon A sermon on Jesus' Resurrection and its implications for us (Romans 4:25)Let’s turn in our Bibles to the book of 1 Corinthians. As you are turning there, you need to know that right now you a … [Read more...]

Loving God – A Guide for Beginners

Today we draw to a close our series on the attributes of God—which has been inspired by the T4G Statement—by publishing an article which, in an abridged form, has already been published in the online Comment magazine.The article addresses the nature of God, but focuses on the fact that we need to learn to love this God—which is surely a good way for us to round off this series.For more posts on the T4G Statement, Articles 1-4 see Ten Conclusions About Expository Preaching, and for more on Art … [Read more...]

BOOK – How Much Does God Foreknow? by Steve Roy

There is little doubt as we continue a short look at the attributes of God, inspired by the Together for the Gospel Statement, that possibly the attribute which currently has the most controversy surrounding it is that of God’s foreknowledge.For some neoliberals, it is preferable to think of a God who is every bit as surprised by the actions of people as we are (often termed "Open Theism"). God can — according to some of them — sympathize with people's hurt because He, too, is shocked by how even … [Read more...]

T4G Articles 5-6 – The Attributes of God and the Trinity

The next two articles in the Together for the Gospel Statement discuss the nature of God. The concept of the Trinity is so entwined with God’s attributes and who He is I have decided to roll these two articles into one. I have already posted an extensive set of notes and an audio on the attributes of God and the Trinity. In my talk I demonstrated that Jesus can be shown from the Bible to share every major attribute of God that theologians describe. Enough of these are also ascribed clearly to t … [Read more...]