Adrian Changes Bible and Some Notes on Psalm 2

So here it is. My new Bible. I wasn’t going to post a blog today, but I couldn’t resist! I am falling in love with it - the first Bible I have really loved since my very first leather-bound NIV cross-reference which I received many years ago.So what is it I like so much about this Bible? Well, first things first. It is, of course, an ESV – sorry to disappoint any of you who thought I had jumped ship! Then, there is also the simple, but elegant look – I LOVE that elastic band to keep your church n … [Read more...]

Together On A Mission – newfrontiers Conference Summary Post

Now that the Together on a Mission conference is over, I thought I would share the highlights from my perspective. If you have never heard of us, my newfrontiers Special Edition of Links post should give you a good starting point. We had a great time with 54 nations represented at the confernece.In true blogging fashion, these excerpts from the last few days are in reverse chronological order – which can be a bit confusing if you aren’t used to it!Just a note before we get going about these pos … [Read more...]

TOAM – Session 2 – Isaiah 9 by Dave Stroud

Well, we just had another stirring time of worship here in Brighton, during which Terry Virgo shared a prophetic word about how God was calling us to a kingdom culture which turns the world on its head.There is again a tangible anticipation as the preacher starts his message. This message is being preached by Dave Stroud, the current leader of newfrontiers in the UK and Christ Church- a growing church plant in London. It feels like only a short time since the last message - because it … [Read more...]

John MacArthur Declares "Warnock is Not Alone"!

Following on from the controversy over "Who Killed Jesus?" which I also addressed in a sermon on Romans 8, Phil over at Pyromaniacs has posted a passage that shows John MacArthur can be added to the growing list of those who would declare that I am NOT alone in my views! Do pop over there and read the article in full! The murder of Jesus was a vast conspiracy involving Rome, Herod, the Gentiles, the Jewish Sanhedrin, and the people of Israel diverse groups who were seldom fully in accord with … [Read more...]

Who Killed Jesus? The Doctor says, "It was God who did it."

Although some may think I am standing alone, in fact Martyn Lloyd-Jones stands with me. In the following excerpt from Great Doctrines of the Bible, after having spent the previous chapter discussing various false theories of the atonement, he makes the following statement, which he considers to be of primary importance:. . . I still want to go on to a final statement or proposition and, in many ways I think that this is the most important of all. There are a number of statements which emphasize … [Read more...]

"Did God Kill Jesus?" Am I Really Alone?

Peter Kirk provocatively says in response to the discussion around my post on Duck's reaction to CJ's quote and my extended Piper Quote:". . . no one is actually supporting the idea that God killed Jesus. Duncan, Piper, and others insist that God sent Jesus, and that it was God's plan for Jesus to die, and that by Jesus' death God dealt with the problem of sin. And I agree with all of this, although some of the details are debatable. But none of them, no one except Adrian, can bring themselves … [Read more...]

Piper Friday (Romans 8) God DID Punish Sin in Jesus

I seem to have stirred up a lot of interest with my post on God Killing Christ. I thought I'd ask John Piper to spring to my defence! This is very much how I see this verse, do you agree with what John Piper says in What the Law Could Not Do, God Did, Sending Christ?Romans 8:1-4Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. 3 For what the Law could not do, weak as it … [Read more...]

Scripture Cannot Be Broken – T4G Statement

The Authority and Inerrancy of the Bible T4G Statement, Articles I and IIArticle IWe affirm that the sole authority for the Church is the Bible, verbally inspired, inerrant, infallible, and totally sufficient and trustworthy.We deny that the Bible is a mere witness to the divine revelation, or that any portion of Scripture is marked by error or the effects of human sinfulness.Article IIWe affirm that the authority and sufficiency of Scripture extends to the entire Bible, and therefore that the … [Read more...]

Links for May 19, 2006

"The Gospel begins and ends with what God is, not what we want or think we need."Quote from Tom Houston.(tags: T4GB)Band of Bloggers mp3 Is Now Available(tags: T4GB mp3)Must the Church Move Beyond the Bible? Should it "Correct" Scripture?In response to an argument that Isaiah "corrects" Deuteronomy, setting a precedent for "reinterpretation or abrogation" of a divine word, Mohler points out that every time Jesus says 'You have heard ... but I say', He raises the bar, never lowers it.(tags: bible … [Read more...]

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Monday – Sealing With the Spirit: Some Further Thoughts

In this week's MLJ Monday post, Dr. Lloyd-Jones addresses some final questions regarding the sealing. Next week, in our concluding post on this subject, I will share from the pages of Iain Murray's biography, one of the Doctor's own experiences - an experience of which he never spoke publically, and only seldom in private, but which I feel will be a great encouragement to you as a reader of this blog.Today, the Doctor begins his final exposition of Ephesians 1:13 in this way:"All who have ever … [Read more...]