Piper Friday and a Link to the Full Text of "Preaching as Expository Exultation" from T4G

John Piper has published the full text of his sermon from the Together for the Gospel Conference over at the Desiring God website. I have already shared my response to the mp3 of this sermon Pop over to the desiring God site and read the whole sermon there, but for this week's Piper Friday, here is an extract:What you believe about the necessity of preaching and the nature of preaching is governed by your sense of the greatness and the glory of God and how you believe people awaken to that … [Read more...]

Piper Friday – Suffering: Gods will and our response

As well as dedicating Mondays to Lloyd-Jones, I am going to start dedicating Fridays to Piper. Todays extract is a great rejoiner to those who think belief in Gods sovereignty necessarily makes for passive Christians who just sit back and wait for Gods will to unfold"If God Wills Disease Why Should We Try to Eradicate It?: This is a crucial question for me because I have heard Christians say recently that believing in the sovereignty of God hinders Christians from working hard to eradicate … [Read more...]

Does penal substitution contribute to oppression?

I received this email today-I read with interest your article on Steve Chalke and The lost message of Jesus? posted on Sunday November the 21st 2004.I am currently doing a dissertation for my theology degree.....and came upon this article during some research. My dissertation is about the atonement theory and whether the theory of penal substitution is necessary to Christianity. You seem to feel extremely strongly that the idea that Jesus'? death as an atonement for our sins is essential to you … [Read more...]

Interview With C. J. Mahaney – Author of the Book "Humility – True Greatness"

C. J. Mahaney has, in recent years, been introduced to a new audience due to his friendship with Mark Dever and Company. I have known of him since the 1980's, and loved to listen to him live at early Newfrontiers Bible Weeks.In January of 2008, C. J. started blogging at the Sovereign Grace Blog—C. J. Mahaney's View From the Cheap Seats and Other Stuff. The headlines from this blog will be appearing in my Warnie Winner's Box from now on.It was a real honor for me to be able to ask C. J. some q … [Read more...]

ESV Interview : Why is YHWH translated "the LORD"?

Other translations gave their reasons on why the chose to translate YHWH as the LORD instead of Yahweh. The introduction of the ESV made no mention on why you choose the LORD instead of Yahweh. Some might argue that this is not a literal translation although it is clearly a traditional one. What are your reasons for continuing this? <!-- D(["mb","rnrnWatchrnC. John Collins respond (Windows Media format).",1] ); //--> Watch C. John Collins respond (Windows Media format). … [Read more...]

Quietness, rest and trust

Today's McCheyne bible reading has this line in it from Isaiah 30:15 : "in quietness and in trust shall be your strength."This made me think of the post from a couple of days ago where I quoted Unvield face saying "I have had so many times of frustration in my life, getting irritated that thigns were going wrong, that stuff broke, that I wasn't achieving things that I planned - and all along it was not Murphy's law but rather God's intention that things will always go this way. And if we read on … [Read more...]

The Toronto Blessing

Eleven years on from the birth of the Toronto Blessing I republished an article I wrote at the time. Some thought this was a time when the Church seemed to be going mad.UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 12th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 13th most-read post was my post concerning Bishop Tom Wright's response to John Piper.The post below was republished from an article I wrote many years ago. In some ways it was this article that first … [Read more...]

"Why Did Jesus die?" my Alpha talk

This is the rough outline I used for last thursday's Alpha talk on "why did jesus die?" Just to make clear to anyone who thinks I am into the penal substitutionary view as an exclusive explanation of the cross, I have no problem with using the outline Alpha proposed (which is almost identical to this one)Why did Jesus Die?For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16 For all have sinned and fall short … [Read more...]

Joel Edwards of the Evangelical Alliance comments further on the Steve Chalke debate

In a letter from the heart Joel Edwards says of Steve Chalke-Firstly, I am not convinced that Steve really has answered the plethora of key biblical texts dealing with the relationship between wrath, judgement and punishment. (Isaiah 53:1-11 and Romans 5:8-11 and the book of Hebrews for starters.) Apart from the concept of punishment, what can it possibly mean to say "the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,"? (Isa 53:5) These passages simply cannot be waved away by an emphasis on … [Read more...]

Human Responsibility or "free will" and Romans 7

I hadnt realised just how much discussion around the blogosphere has been generated on the "Free will" issue.The view from the pew explains and gives theological names to the different opinions on free will. The position he describes that is closest to my own he calls compatibilistic free will.. On the other hand, prosthesis feels as I do that the term "free will" is unhelpful since "it doesn't have a clear enough meaning and since, in a sense, it is redundant." Prosthesis goes on to say … [Read more...]